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Ended PIVX Dev Funding (Apr-Jun 2021)


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PIVX Core Development (Apr-Jun 2021)​

Name: Core-Dev-Apr2021
Term: 3 Cycle
Cycle Amnt: 22.5k PIV
Total Amnt: 67.5K PIV
Author: furszy
Receiver: random-zebra & furszy
Address: DE9ERJojTPbNSUVUjsZgGfLbozrGHfdYdS
Created: 2021-30-03
Status: Active
Proposal vote hash: 5f37ef05a4dff31190f8858554eaa24c877801f290308705c227f4d77808c9a9

What does this proposal cover?
This poroposal covers PIVX Core development expenses for the second quarter (Apr-Jun) of 2021, including Core developers salaries, infrastructures, app UX designer and bug-bounty reserve.

What is the proposal funding?
The PCD proposal is submitted by random-zebra and furszy. We have been in charge of the development and maintenance of the PIVX reference client (including the research and implementation of new features, the ordinary maintenance/testing, as well as the design of counter-measures, during network issues or attack attempts) for the latest 2 years (charts link).

Here is a brief list of the latest deliverables, chronologically ordered:

* zc smaller Signature of Knowledge research & impl.
* zc bulletproof research & impl.
* zc light node protocol research & impl.
* fake stake report.
* zc wrapped serials exploit.
* zc final exploit research.
* zPIV deactivation.
* zc v2 public spends.
* design and implementation of the "cold staking" protocol.
* zc v1 public spends using Schnorr Signatures.
* v3.4 PoS time drift solution.
* new MN messages signatures.
* new v4.0 PoS time protocol.
* v4.0 brand new GUI wallet (design & impl).
* Hierarchical deterministic wallet implementation.
* tier two network revamp.
* privacy protocol research.
* v5 new SHIELD data protection network protocol implementation.
* Sapling wallet and keys manager.
* budget payment and cold staking open attack vectors fixes.
* huge performance improvements v4.1 / v5.1, network stabilization and overall software fixes everywhere in the sources.
* v6 research and on-going development (Deterministic Masternodes, new special transactions types, new Masternodes proof of service, budget proposals GUI work, budget system overhaul, Chain-locks, Shield Masternodes rewards)
* and much more.. including all of the non-core work over the explorers, SPMT/PET4L and different net/wallet libraries written in other languages.

We invite everyone to visit github’s repositories for a deeper perspective of what is going on and what will happen in the upcoming months.

And the new addition of an application UX designer and frontend developer: neoperol, who was already part of the project working on the v4.0.0 wallet design & implementation from scratch and every mobile wallet, that will be helping us from now on with what has been scheduled for this year's roadmap.
Plus, as the community devs / bug bounty funding pot has been drained by a great report (PR fix link), 3k PIVs will monthly be stored for any future bug bounty or community development reward.
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Hey Furszy! I know CryptoMiso stats are not always an accurate comparison metric for projects, but regardless how people make that qualification, it is clear a ton of work is getting done by the Core Dev team. Can you please educate us on how that is accomplished? I am aware of the extreme focus and high skill that helps immensely, but how many hours are you putting in each week, and how long has that pace been maintained?