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Archived PIVX Dev Funding (Jan-Mar 2021)


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Title: PIVX Dev Funding (Jan-Mar 2021)
Name: PIVX-Dev-JanMar2021
Term: 3 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 25000 PIV
Total Amnt: 75000 PIV
Author: Fuzzbawls
Receiver: Fuzzbawls
Created: 2020-12-30
Status: Active
Vote Hash: aa83d72de8f7a35d5b7a32e6be589f44e92134f640e4e273a323a78838b370bf


This document outlines the funding for the PIVX Core Dev Team, including who is to be paid, their position, and the amount they are expected to be paid each cycle. Additionally, new term and format commitments for all future Core Dev Team proposals are included.

Term and Format Commitment

Given the fluctuations in PIVX and BTC prices, and taking into consideration that people’s schedules can change, or a change of the number of people intended to be covered by this document, the PIVX Core Dev Team will only be submitting proposals with a maximum term of three (3) cycles.

This means more frequent proposal submissions, and more responsibility from voters to actually vote, but also allows for any changes to the team’s structure, members, positions, or duties to be assessed and formalized more frequently.

The format for these proposals will be as follows:
  • Each member of the team will be listed
  • Their position will be listed
  • Their expected monthly salary will be listed
  • Any member notes, changes, exceptions will be listed
  • Extra funds (if any) will be rationalized
Individual team member’s PIVX addresses, hours worked, and task specifics will NOT be listed or detailed herein so as to maintain some degree of privacy as well as to not over-complicate the process.

PIVX Core Dev Responsibilities

All Core Devs are expected to participate in the issue/pull request review process, as well as attend weekly internal team meetings with reliable frequency. Individual salaries are subject to internal adjustment and re-balancing if deemed appropriate at the time of salary payout.

The following software projects fall under the care and responsibility of the PIVX Core Dev team:

PIVX Core Dev Funds Allotment

The PIVX Core Dev Team is proposing the following funding be made by the DAO’s budget:
  • Fuzzbawls - Core Dev & Team Manager (7000 PIV)
  • Furszy - Core Dev (9000 PIV)
  • Random Zebra - Core Dev (9000 PIV)
Additionally, we are also requesting 2500 PIV per cycle that will be reserved for distribution to notable community contributors at our discretion, and which is to be rolled over from cycle to cycle in the event that it is not distributed in full.
We have accumulated a suitable amount of PIV from past cycles for the purpose of paying community developers for their submissions, which have been few and far between. Therefore, we are temporarily suspending our asking of
additional budget funds so as to free up more of the budget for other proposals. Any contributions that merit a payout will come from the existing fund pool, and this additional asking will resume at a later date.

Total Per Cycle: 25000 PIV

Community Developer Funding Pool

We recognize that contributions from non-core developers can be beneficial, and have accumulated a sufficient amount of PIV from past proposals to help incentivize such outside contributions as tips.

Post-contribution discussion and review is done internally to determine if a contribution warrants a monetary tip, as well as an appropriate amount. Contributors are encouraged to join the PIVX-Dev Discord server (https://discord.gg/ra3atpD).

Community developer contributions are organized and filed under a GitHub project: https://github.com/PIVX-Project/PIVX/projects/26

Donations and Receiving of Additional Funds

Any funds received by the proposal payout address from any source other than the PIVX network’s in-built budget distribution system will be considered as donations to be distributed to one or more of the above listed person(s), reserved in the community contributors pool, or a combination thereof at our sole discretion.

The PIVX Core Dev Team reserves the right to decide for ourselves the area(s) of focus that may or may not be added due to an increase in funds received, as well as the priority of any such added areas of focus.

Notable Changes

Changes since the last proposal (PIVX-Dev-OctDec2020):
  • None.

To vote yes:
mnbudgetvote many aa83d72de8f7a35d5b7a32e6be589f44e92134f640e4e273a323a78838b370bf yes

To vote no:
mnbudgetvote many aa83d72de8f7a35d5b7a32e6be589f44e92134f640e4e273a323a78838b370bf no
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