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Ended PIVX Dev Fuzz (July-September 2021)


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Title: PIVX Dev Fuzz (July-September 2021)
Name: PIVX-Dev-Fuzz-Q321
Term: 3 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 5000 PIV
Total Amnt: 15000 PIV
Author: Fuzzbawls
Receiver: Fuzzbawls
Address: DBh9o9uRGohcDKpeiEyRiwtmTaTL3xDdev
Created: 2021-07-01
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 1b74958f4f63760ef17d002c8abfe100e3da74141fda5f05a1fd3ee14572ff82


This document outlines the funding and responsibilities for myself as a PIVX Core Dev and one of the maintainers of the PIVX-Project GitHub organization.


As a Core Dev, my responsibilities include the following:
  • Review and test code submissions (PRs) for viability and accuracy
  • Research and develop code improvements
  • Research and backport upstream improvements
  • Provide timely gitian sigs for releases, release candidates, and test releases
  • Assist in support team and exchange troubleshooting
Additionally, my own responsibilities that I have been undertaking include the following:
  • macOS code signing for all macOS desktop software releases (PIVX-Core, SPMT, PET4L)
  • Ubuntu PPA maintainer, ensuring that new release versions are pushed and that nightly builds are properly built
  • Rust toolchain maintainer (customized toolchain to allow minimum supported linux OSes to run release binaries)
  • Snapcraft maintainer
  • Run and maintain 4 DNS seeders (2 for testnet, 2 for mainnet)
  • Maintain the Doxygen developer documentation (updated nightly)
  • Maintain the code coverage report (updated nightly)
  • Coordinate and provide tracking (including historical data) for exchange/service update responsiveness
  • Transifex management

The funding I am asking for to cover the continued duties of the responsibilities listed above is 5000 PIV per cycle.

Donations and Receiving of Additional Funds

Any funds received by the proposal payout address from any source other than the PIVX network’s in-built budget distribution system will be considered as donations.


To vote yes:
mnbudgetvote many 1b74958f4f63760ef17d002c8abfe100e3da74141fda5f05a1fd3ee14572ff82 yes

To vote no:
mnbudgetvote many 1b74958f4f63760ef17d002c8abfe100e3da74141fda5f05a1fd3ee14572ff82 no
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