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Archived PIVX Dev Servers (Apr - Jun 2020)


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Title: PIVX Dev Servers (Apr - Jun 2020)
Name: DevServersAprJun2020
Term: 3 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 550 PIV
Total Amnt: 1650 PIV
Author: Fuzzbawls
Receiver: Fuzzbawls
Address: DFAWTcfSn3sv8pj5sPcYw2xsGdJWGzfzFs
Created: 2020-04-01
Status: Active
Vote Hash: ca0f388e41941b32e878c3a8875fa97fd4ac93365a9474f46fd1305849dec0a8


This document outlines the funding for the PIVX Core Dev Server Infrastructure. These server machines are vital to the daily tasks carried out by the PIVX Core Dev Team, or in providing public informational / back-end services.

The Servers

We are currently operating and maintaining 6 servers, each with their own functions as detailed below:

Group 1: Maintained by Random.Zebra
Mainnet Dev ExplorerCPU: 4 x 2.60 GHz
RAM: 16384 MB
Storage: 160 GB
Bandwidth: 16 TB
Runs https://explorer.pivx.link (Mainnet Block Explorer)
Mainnet Dev BlockbookCPU: 4 x 2.60 GHz
RAM: 16384 MB
Storage: 160 GB
Bandwidth: 16 TB
Runs https://blockbook.pivx.link (Mainnet Trezor Backend)
Testnet Dev ExplorerCPU: 2 x 2.60 GHz
RAM: 8192 MB
Storage: 80 GB
Bandwidth: 8 TB
Runs https://testnet.pivx.link (Testnet Block Explorer)
Testnet Dev BlockbookCPU: 2 x 2.60 GHz
RAM: 8192 MB
Storage: 80 GB
Bandwidth: 8 TB
Runs https://blockbook-testnet.pivx.link (Testnet Trezor Backend)
Testnet FaucetCPU: 2 x 2.60 GHz
RAM: 8192 MB
Storage: 80 GB
Bandwidth: 8 TB
Runs https://faucet.pivx.link (Testnet faucet)
Group 2: Maintained by Mrs-X
Testnet SuperServerDedicated Intel Xeon-D
8 Cores 2133MHz
2x SSD NVMe 500 GB
10 GBit network
50 IPv4 (+ unlimited IPv6)
Runs 50 Testnet MNs + a dedicated Testnet Staking wallet. Future expansion of services in review.

Other servers not included in this proposal are the DNS Seeders, supporting nodes for SPMT/PET4L, Android fallback seed nodes, and personal testnet staking nodes.

Budget Requirements and Cost

The costs are divided into three server groups:
  • Group 1: Explorers, Blockbooks, Faucet - 550 PIV/mo
  • Group 2: Testnet MNs and Staking node(s) - 950 PIV/mo
Total monthly cost: 1500 PIV

The proposal amount being asked is the minimum required to cover actual costs, and we won’t be asking for any additional funds to cover our time spent maintaining/operating these servers or their services. We are also not asking for reimbursement of the 50 PIV proposal submission fee.

Actual costs are incurred as either USD or EUR, so a conversion baseline was used (1 PIV = $0.20 USD) to calculate the above PIV amounts. Fluctuations in the market price may lead to an overage or a shortage each month, which will be handled according to the below:
  • In the event that more PIV is received than is necessary to cover actual costs, the remaining PIV will be rolled over to the next month’s costs, or applied to make up for prior underpayment(s).
  • In the event that not enough PIV is received to cover actual costs, we will use any prior overage to make up the difference, or make up the difference at our own expense.
Re-evaluation of Conversion Baseline

The baseline conversion rate will be re-evaluated each time this proposal will need to be re-submitted in order to maintain a degree of accuracy in the PIV amount being requested.

Donations and Receiving of Additional Funds

Any funds received by the proposal payout address from any source other than the PIVX network’s in-built budget distribution system will be considered as donations to be used at our discretion for making up shortages in actual costs, as a “tip” to the maintainers of the servers, pooled for future use/expansion of servers, or any combination thereof.

Notable Changes

Changes since the last proposal (DevServersJanMar2019)
  • Noted that the Group 2 Testnet MN Server is no longer in service as part of a cost savings measure.

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Vote no: mnbudgetvote many ca0f388e41941b32e878c3a8875fa97fd4ac93365a9474f46fd1305849dec0a8 no
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