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Archived PIVX Graphic Designer - UI/UX, social media and marketing visuals


Proposal Name: shorn-graphic-design

Hi all,
I have been working with the PIVX social media team and translation lead over the last few weeks to produce some graphics needed for social media marketing (please see the screens attached). I was initially approached by Erik to work on an urgent campaign (Hans Koning) as PIVX has not had a graphic designer available for some time, having to rely on Fiverr.

ref: pls see Erik's call for a graphic designer here: https://forum.pivx.org/threads/graphic-designer-needed.1200/

Some of my design portfolio can be seen at https://behance.net/shornkeld and from there you will see that my design background is in web, UI/UX, social- and digital-design. As well as previously working as a lead designer, I have also worked in Project and DesignOps Management roles, and Product Coordination/Management, having lead design and marketing teams for crypto, blockchain and ‘traditional’ companies and projects.

This is a preliminary proposal that intends to cover any design-related duties that are needed for the social media team up to a maximum of 20hrs for this period. Any hours required over this will be added to a future proposal, and any hours not used will be deducted from any future proposal.

This proposal is for one cycle so we can review after the first few weeks, and adjust the hours if necessary.

Amount requested:
One banner campaign typically takes around 4 hours, including design, export, optimisation and also includes any required language variations).

My hourly rate is €35/hr x 20hrs for this first period = €700.

The 3 month avg price (used to smooth out the price volatility) of PIVX is approx €0.25 (calculated from CMC historical data). This works out at 2800 PIVX.


To vote yes:
“mnbudgetvote many 502cef561e45b3c93821d5d6fbdd0c9abe926bb7a90e23b49f33d26bbcca89d8 yes”
To vote no:
“mnbudgetvote many 502cef561e45b3c93821d5d6fbdd0c9abe926bb7a90e23b49f33d26bbcca89d8 no”


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