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Ended PIVX - KoinBX Listing


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Title: KoinBX_Listing
Name: KoinBX_Listing
Term: 1
Cycle Amount: 16 724
Total Amount: 16 724
Author: Jeffrey
Receiver: Jeffrey
Address: DCtLXZJPTQepSsWaxBz9CPcTd2hqVt5pD2
Status: active
Vote Hash: d565f58f1b0c9ddc2bbb91447c5734d3d31f79410a9d4d3f44e77c73bead336a

Brief Introduction:
Hello everyone,

Thank you for your trust and support over the past year. I am excited to announce another proposal which aims to expand the reach of PIVX into other regions. KoinBX, a FIU registered & 100% compliant with Indian regulations exchange is one of the most successful exchanges in India that provides users in the region the ability to buy and sell crypto for fiat. This proposal aims to pay for the listing fee for this exchange and for me to act as an intermediary between PIVX DAO and KoinBX. Based on coinmarket cap rating they are perhaps the largest exchange in the region and therefore of great importance to get PIVX added.


What this proposal includes:
  • PIVX/USDT pair on KoinBX
  • PIVX/INR pair on KoinBX (FIAT)
  • Users will be able to deposit Indian Rupees to buy PIVX as well as withdraw their INR to bank should they sell, therefore a major off and on ramp for PIVX users in India.

Listing fees will be $5000 due to volatility an additional 10% will be asked for to allow funds to be sufficient when converting / transferring.
Total in USD therefore = 5500 USD

I will also be asking for my 50 PIVX back that was used to submit this proposal.

Grand total - 16,724 PIVX

Voting Details:

To Vote YES for this proposal:
mnbudgetvote many d565f58f1b0c9ddc2bbb91447c5734d3d31f79410a9d4d3f44e77c73bead336a yes
To Vote NO for this proposal:
mnbudgetvote many d565f58f1b0c9ddc2bbb91447c5734d3d31f79410a9d4d3f44e77c73bead336a no
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