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Name: Labs | JS and Tuvork
Term: 2 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 20,000 PIV
Total Amnt: 40,000 PIV
Author: JSKitty
Receiver: JSKitty
Address: DGyTSrR1fCZX2b6uVxvSZzkkiLfTVfizwM
Created: 13-12-2022
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 75bb9bcbc73e3f5a9b07f1cc6b222020296b6dcf8395c18bd552ac4c44537a4f

Hello curious Pivian or Labsian!

PIVX Labs is now carefully undergoing it's final phase in team architecture, now switching to a funding model which is 100% DAO-operated, alongside some other fun bits...

Firstly, I'd like to outline some VERY rough, overview-level points in which this proposal will expand in full detail later below.

And a note to MNOs: if you vote Yes for this proposal, please vote No for our previous proposal.

What will this proposal bring, and how will it be executed?

- PIVX Labs will now have two full-time Developers and Project Maintainers, JSKitty and 11Tuvork28 respective to their combined skillsets and resources.
- PIVX Labs will no longer maintain a treasury, instead, using a "proposal-per-expense" model, ALL Labs expenses (team, bounties, initiatives) will be DAO-operated.
- PIVX Labs can now scale infinitely, there's no need for future "budget changes", there is no Labs budget, DAO funds are merely spent at the rate work is completed.
- PIVX Labs will continue to maintain full governance of submitted proposals, project direction, and the due diligence for the rewards of each bounty claimed (PRs, etc).
- PIVX Labs will now "open up" it's doors to Core Development, providing assistance with PIVX Core wallet development, upgrades and reviews, when dev resources allow.

Now to the nitty-gritty "broken-down" details of ALL above points...

JSKitty intro - Lead Developer, Co-Founder, Team Logistics Guy (Glue of the Labs team, in other words)

That's me! I have built the foundation for PIVX Labs to flourish upon, alongside SnappySnap and a ton of other creatives + developers.
This proposal will allow me to dive much deeper into Labs and PIVX itself, providing my full set of skills, resources, team building, and time, to move this thing forward.

What have I done so far?

- Co-Founded PIVX Labs and formed the Labs Board.
- Developed & maintained
My PIVX Wallet, for over 12 months.
- Developed & maintained
PIVX BitListen and PIVX VanityGen.
- Developed clean, secure, documented, open-source PIVX implementations in JavaScript and Rust
- Grew and directed the PIVX Labs dev team of 10+ active developers.
- Assisted with multiple merchant integrations hands-on, gaining 50+ PIVX merchants.

What will I continue to do if this proposal succeeds?

Build, A LOT! I assist in essentially ALL areas of Labs, with code, ideas, DAO work, project direction and guidance, I will continue to do so, only now with MUCH more time and energy to provide, including to PIVX Core, than the previous voluntary basis could allow me to.

11Tuvork28 intro - Lead DevOps + OpSec, Developer CI Tooling and Code Standards + Extensive Documentation

11Tuvork28 is the boss of the Labs DevOps realm, providing the hosting for almost all Labs infrastructure, ensuring top security, uptime, cost effectiveness and global connectivity.
She will provide her full DevOps resources to Labs, alongside code development work, extensive CI (Continuous integration), TDD (test-driven-development) as well as enforcing code standards and extensive documentation to ensure the top stability and security of our codebases across the board.

What is she providing to Labs so far?

- Automatic Docker Images for My PIVX Wallet.
- Maintenance and Docker deployment of two MPW instances:
mypivxwallet.org, and mpw.thekitty.zone
- Full Continuous Integration (CI) for My PIVX Wallet and other projects.
- Active development of our PIVX Rust implementation, WASM ports and VanityGen.
- Review process, code standard enforcement, and 100% codebase documentation coverage.
- The foundation for Labs' test suites: full-scale code regression testing for security and TDD.

Labs Treasury

The PIVX Labs treasury is being dropped in replacement of a "proposal-per-expense" model, what exactly does this entail?

- For MNOs / DAO: a fine-grained funding permission system, MNOs now vote on the funding for individual developments, initiatives, and team hires.
- For developers: a highly automated and direct (from the block reward emissions) reward system, no middlemen, just direct "block rewards for your work"
- For Labs: zero-overhead administration, the Labs team can now focus purely on project direction, rather than "accounting", legalities, and the costs associated.

Labs Scaling

Under this new architecture: Labs can now 'extend' or 'reduce' it's consumption of the DAO budget on-the-fly, without needing to propose for it's own internal treasury changes, as previously done.

For example: if in one month, Labs has little development work to do, proposals for such development will not be submitted, sparing DAO funds.
The opposite is also true, if Labs has a sudden influx in development resources needed (i.e: a new complex feature release), Labs will propose these initiatives individually, handing the finalisation of the tasks (via funding) to the DAO.
And additionally, if PIVX Core (or external ventures) require assistance that Labs believes is worthwhile, we will delegate resources to make it happen, one such case being: ShapeShift integration.

Some Labs initiatives may have longer 'timescales', thus require longer cycles, some Labs initiatives may be completed in just a single cycle, but no two initiatives are connected, they are individual governance events, with individual funding requests, in other words: one card falling will NOT bring the house down.

With the "governance" and "architecture" parts of this proposal out of the way, let's move on to the funding, and the Labs Progress Report.

The Budget Proposal

The budget within this proposal covers the effectively "full-time" positions of me (JSKitty) and 11Tuvork28, our full attention to detail, without distractions, a true "DAO worker" status.
This doesn't come lightly for us, and to ensure we can live stable, without fears, this proposal covers our new lifestyle,
which is a full commitment to building Privacy technology for the masses.
This proposal will be submitted every 2 months, with a full 2-month Labs Report attached, and the value in PIV may be adjusted for us to continue safely living, in the case of a drop in PIVX's price.

Our roles and responsibilities are outlined in the above sections of this proposal, please scroll up, but in essence: we are the 'glue' of Labs: we build, grow and nurture the team, we power the infrastructure, we make the UPF flow in Labs' lifeline.

2-Month Progress Report

In these last two months, Labs has accomplished FAR more than initially imagined with our monthly budget, My PIVX Wallet has not only been improved, but reimagined, our goal is now not to JUST make a "viable" wallet, but a wallet comparable to Core, with 1:1 feature parity with the PIVX Core Wallet itself, in a portable, mobile form factor.

In these two months, we have evolved My PIVX Wallet with:
In descending order of development: bottom is latest, top is first upgrades.

- A Stake Reward logs panel (Track your Stake frequency and earning totals).
- Full Testnet Mode (The ability to seamlessly switch between Mainnet and Testnet).
- Encrypted Exports + Imports (MPW-specific encryption protocol for safe key storage).
- Ledger Hardware wallet support (Full and Seamless Ledger Hardware integration).
- HD Wallets, XPrivs, XPubs (An upgrade that gives MPW unlimited addresses & improved privacy).
- BIP39 Seed Phrases (A supremely powerful offline backup method, compatible with other BIP39 wallets).
- i18n multi-language (MPW can now automatically detect user languages and translate, if a translator has submitted them).
- Masternode Controller (MPW can now act as a full Masternode controller and monitoring application, with real-time Masternode info).
- DAO Governance (MPW MNO users can now participate in Governance voting, with a friendly UI and beautiful proposals overview).
- Mempool Support (MPW now utilises the mempool for instant feedback, zero-conf TXs, and TX-chaining at incredible throughput).
- Gigantic security improvements (A ton of TDD-like refactoring, JS ports of C++ PIVX algos like Base58Check and Secp256k1).
- IPFS Deployments (MPW is now accessible in a secure, immutable, decentralised web called the Inter-Planetary File System).

What's next?

- A complete UI makeover, to bring MPW's user-experience to match it's tech capabilities.
- Progression on creating a Rust PIVX implementation for use in WASM, Desktop and mobile wallets.
- The ability to compile My PIVX Wallet as a downloadable application for all major OS'es, including Mobile.
- The full equivilent tool set of PET4L and SPMT, in a neat all-in-one application.
- Electrum-like node protocol, allowing independent validation of blockchain parts (and Sapling Notes).
- Full SHIELD Sapling (zk-SNARKs) integration with bi-directional spending routes.
- DEX + CEX integrations, such as BasicSwap, BlockDX, Flyp.me and more.

... and endless possibilities, want to add your own ideas for us to build? Join and let's get it done!

I, and the entire Labs team + community, thank everyone who have supported our work thus far, and allowed us to prove that we can get shit done without too much messing around - we have some fun, it's what keeps us sane and grounded, down-to-earth, but we keep our direction the same: build, and do it right.

Thanks for reviewing our proposal, now's your choice:

Blue Pill (Vote Yes) | Red Pill (Vote No)

- JSKitty 🐱🔧
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