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Title: PIVX Marketing Brasil 2021
Name: PIVX Marketing Brasil 2021
Term: 2 cycles
Cycle amount: 575
Total amount: 1150
Author: @GiovanaRodrigues
Receiver: @GiovanaRodrigues
Address: DSkmN52FFVhGngjjpjbo5dh9gPiJhCUo9M
Created: March 17, 2021
Status: Proposal

Hi everyone, my name is Giovana and I'm joining the front of the PIVX Brazil community together with @forbal!

The Need
Since the PIVX community was created in 2018, many things have happened and we have never stood still,
Even in the time of market slowdown, we remain firm and active, participating in events, meetups, videos, content in Portuguese and always taking the word of PIVX.

In this very delicate period of 2020-2021 we want to continue to take the word of the product and produce even more quality content for PIVX.

PIVX Brazil Content Production
5 videos per month

Post social networks PIVX Brazil Once a day
330 PIV

The last videos were very well produced and we had a big growth in view and subscribed to the channel, I believe this is the way, to continue producing video content for the PIVX Brasil Communit

Check out our latest video

Binance Partnership
We closed a partnership with Binance Brasil to make a lottery bringing the two communities closer together, today Binance social networks have more than 50k people

There will be two events:
PIVX raffle being publicized on Binance Brasil social networks (Telegram, Twitter and Instagram)
And an AMA on Telegram


I believe that if the fund is approved, this partnership is about good engagement for the community,
And also for the growth of members
220 PIV

Taxa de Proposta: 50 PIV
We count on your support to do all this and make possible the partnership with Binance Brasil

mnbudgetvote many 880a70b35c2ffec30d768948c10ef993c941f81a05e494e21b1b77f0295d789f yes to vote in favor
mnbudgetvote many 880a70b35c2ffec30d768948c10ef993c941f81a05e494e21b1b77f0295d789f no

Check ours links:
: https://t.me/GrupoPIVXBrasil
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/pivxbrasilcanal
Medium: https://pivxbrasil.medium.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pivxbrasil/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ_0QS6hBkjqVkECA6L-kVA/featured

Thanks. @GiovanaRodrigues

575 PIVX/month
TOTAL 1150 PIV (2 months)


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