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Archived PIVX on Tor : A Community Funded Proposal


Mar '17

I propose to re-establish, set-up and maintain 8 ‘Dual Stack’ PIVX addnode Tor hidden service .onion nodes, with;
4 nodes running as PIVX addnode hidden services.
4 nodes as full Tor Exit Nodes (including addnode hidden services), with website information and a detailed privacy guide about using PIVX via Tor; including how to connectivity.
To maintain this project for a minimum 12 month duration I require funding of $2,100 (US)
Any additional community funding above the 12 months requirement will go towards the ongoing administration costs, expenses, research and development, extending hosting and increasing the capacity of existing nodes, where necessary.
Funding donations can be accepted in PIVX and Bitcoin via addresses to be published by myself in this thread below. If you would prefer to fund this independent project via a private address then please send me a PM.
Current funding target achieved : 0% (approx. considering any price fluctuations).
I am a long standing member of the Bitcoin community and I originally hosted around 10 Tor nodes for the PIVX project, when it was (formally) known as DNET.
New Tor nodes - dedicated to PIVX connectivity over Tor will not be used for any nefarious activity whatsoever and I have partnered with tornull.org and our hosting providers to limit any potential Exit node ‘abuse’ issues.
Having stable PIVX ‘named’ Tor Exit nodes will help to present PIVX to established and privacy centric Tor users.
I’m also currently hosting Tor nodes for the Zcash community on a similar basis.
Lastly, if I still had deep PIVX pockets, then I would gladly be funding this project myself. Unfortunately, I don’t have the PIVX or the Masternodes that I once did. However, I’m still keen to be part of the new community and to help where I’m able to.