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Hello Pivians! I will keep this short and sweet

Last year I submitted a proposal for https://PIVX.poker which passed but unfortunately was not funded. We continued on, through some generous donations (thank you!) and my own PIV stash. This is actually a PIVX project because I made sure to pay everyone involved in PIV.

At the moment there is a pesky bug in the poker software. I have been looking for someone to fix it for some months now. I’m discovering developers who know JS and actually understand poker are few and far between.

For the past few months LukeL(https://github.com/Luke-Larsen) has been essentially a volunteer helping me out when he can. Since we are in a transition period because of youknow I thought it would be a good time to submit a proposal to finally rid PIVX.poker of some questionable developer decisions… I should note LukeL did not write any of the original game code.

This proposal is for 3 superblock awards of 5K PIV

The first 10K PIV will go directly to LukeL and he says it is going to be 2-3 months to fix the problems

The remaining 5K PIV is to reimburse some of the VPS hosting costs($70 p.m) and other expenses. I am prepared to lose the third superblock award if there is too much competition at that point but I figured I try anyway. That’s the DAO for you.

Any questions find me on Discord


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Pasting the comments from the PIVX Community Discord here for reference by MNOs.

In Software Development, the last 20% of functionality usually requires 80% of the effort.
Plus, your proposal states the final payment is not essential, but is for server costs only.
That would mean that the development portion is 100% done.
Clearly it isn't. Please clarify.
Do you mean it is fully funded, but we simply need to wait for the developer to complete it?
Yea those were set at prices in the .20s... We are at less than half of those prices now. So for me to fully pay the developer fairly that last superblock would go to him.

Seriously, I raise issue of the centralised soon to be **more** centralised voting system. And one person really has taken upon themselves to discredit every response I have. Why?
I see you scattering updates thru Discord. Most MNOs don't have the time to search for those and they will never be seen. Far better to collect those updates and post them here where the MNOs expect them to be.

You post above comments on pricing, which is obvious with out an update, but makes no mention of the development progress of the project.

Also, typically, the funds requested should account for price volatility by including a buffer, or scaling back on scope if needed, or both. Hopefully, the last payment will suffice as that buffer.