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New Pivian

I'm interested in energy-efficient coins. PIVX and Stellar are my favorites.

Because soon the 4.0 wallet comes out, I wanted to ask if this could possibly be offered in a debian / ubuntu repository.
And it would be nice to get the android wallet via F-droid. The Free and Open Source Software platform for android apps. ;-)
PlayStore sucks!

For the future:
If the PIVX light-wallet is eventually integrated into the ¹wallet of keybase, then PIVX would be usable for everyone and everywhere.
¹(Usernames instead of unreadable keys like DDydu ....... 4hi89m)


New Pivian
That's great, thanks.

add-apt-repository ppa:pivx/pivx
misses the gpg key at debian.
Have edited the sources.list by hand and added the gpg key to apt.
Unfortunately too many unsolvable dependencies. :(
Have tried the bionic archive for Debian stable aka Debian 10 Buster.
I will try again later with the other ubuntu versions.
Maybe you can publish debian packages on launchpad for future releases.

Android F-Droid release
This would also make it available to countries with special rules or whatever excuse making it unavailable through Google Play. And on SailfishOS devices.

It looks as if PIVX-Android meets all requirements: F-droid Inclusion
If that's okay with you, I could fill that out: Proposal by Submission Queue Inclusion_How-To
That would be the first time I do that. The whole thing goes faster when a developer submits a Proposal by Metadata Merge Request