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Active PIVX Social Media and Community Fund May 2022


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Title: PIVX-SMC-Fund-May'22
Term: 1 cycle
Cycle Amount: 5500 PIV
Total Amount: 5500 PIV
Author: leacymck
Receiver: leacymck
Address: D8MZTSFkz8bvPUGU2nPevGQxPccEpsR5zT
Created: 2022-05-14
Status: Active

Hello PIVX community!
This is a straightforward proposal in which I ask for 5500 PIV for community tips/rewards, Instagram test promotion/advertising costs, and PIVXcommunity contests. This proposal and any future proposals will take into account the current price of PIVX.


-Up until now, PIVX hasn’t explored paid promotions. After researching social media platforms, our first ‘test promotion’ will be on Instagram where a newly created graphic will promote PIVX to a new audience. Instagram and PIVX.org metrics will be analyzed after said promotion and a written accounting to the community will be given here in the forum.
- Rewards are given to followers on our Twitter and Instagram platforms to recognize their support and help in promoting PIVX's Tweets and posts.
-In running contests, we hope to bring in a few people that turn into long-term members as has happened in the past. A fantastic example would be @Sigge who joined PIVX after entering a PIVXcommunity Christmas contest in 2019.


1000 PIV to OneZetty for tips/coffee meetings as he grows the LATAM team and community.
1000 PIV for tips/rewards for the PIVXcommunity that has been supporting PIVX social media by tweeting/posting.
1000 PIV for 2 contests of which 500 PIV will be dispersed for each contest.
2500 PIV for Instagram promotion.


-If there is any PIV leftover from the 5500 PIV requested, it will be used for community purposes only and it will be accounted for it in an update at the end of this cycle.

Thank you for taking the time to read my proposal and hopefully vote for it. :)
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