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Active PIVX Spanish June 24


Title: PIVX Spanish June 24
Name: PIVX-SJ24
Term: 3 cycles
Cycle Amount: 3000
Total Amount: 9000
Author: ElenaCC
Receiver: ElenaCC
Address: DHgBxEwD9NDMs6wRs9axR2f1h5jvtoJm3m
Status: Active
Vote Hash: cbb60c7d114f58ea09de58f1a8b55e1950a2f8ff436a7fbb29b0113b795d991d

Hello PIVX Community,

As you have seen, I have reached a good pace of participation from the Latin American community. We already have a good base of Spanish users, and with this renewal, I want to continue with the work I have been doing until now.

The tasks will be the same, translations, and publications of the official accounts, as well as promoting the participation of the Spanish community, with dynamics and contests. Until now these have not only impacted the Spanish community, but in other languages, which makes me quite happy with the work done so far.

This is a renovation of the PIVX in Spanish proposal. I have successfully got the proposed goals, unifying and strengthening the Spanish-Speaking community and I have promoted the most important news of the PIVX community, using Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and Telegram as main content platforms.

For the continuation of the proposal, I again request 3000 PIV per month. These funds, as usual, would cover the translation of official posts, graphics, creation of special graphics, if necessary, management of the most popular social media accounts (X and Instagram).

In renewing my proposal, ONeZetty has agreed to assist me as an advisor, helping me with translations when needed, and his high knowledge of PIVX and communication with the PIVX Core Team.
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Hello PIVians!

I would like to present the monthly report of my proposal. These are the top 5 most popular posts of the month of June, on Instagram, as well as the basic statistics, I will be happy to answer your questions or doubts.

Thank you so much for your support!

Unfortunately, now only X Premium subscribers have access to account statistics, and because the proposal to boost socials media accounts fail, I will not be able to present more statistics of the on X (formerly known as Twitter) Spanish account.


Top 5 post on Instagram, out of a total of 18 post:


Top 5 post on X: