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Active PIVX Spanish Social Media 2021-1


New Pivian
You're DIRECTLY paying people in TZC to like/retweet/comment on your post, so YOUR interactions are also USELESS, can you not see the difference between ORGANIC and PAID viewership?

I can pay 1000s of people to see PIVX but it won't help much if 99% of those are only there to take your goddamn money.
Hell, I can buy 10,000 botted accounts to like/retweet/follow for a couple dollars, isn't that more money-efficient in your eyes? Don't need real people if bots can do the same job! /s
You still dont get the point. I bet on OneZettys posts, his friends are liking and sharing it if you look at the impressions/interactions. So its better to have 10 impressions that are from a small cycle that nobody will ever see it? Or having 50000 impressions where even top crypto people can see it cause it pops up on their news feed even tho they dont directly interact with it?

But sure, OneZettys impressions are way better, cause they are "low" and organic :D I dont get why you guys still try to defend it. Even if you dont use any service/bot/whatever, his numbers are not even close to good. You might just do paid ads on twitter with that money.


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Dont get me wrong, I think @ONeZetty is a really valuable and good community Member. He should be paid for going to events and push PIVX locally at his area, social media might not be his strength, according to the numbers.


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@ChekaZ the problem is that those are not "my numbers", those are only a screenshot I did for the proposal the number of the results are in my last proposal (I'm sure you did not take a chance to read it).

And yep, you do not understand, this month we did not get any funds, there is no "new content" because my proposal already finished, so do you understand what am I saying? The Spanish community is working for free and @Borris is saying we have not "results".

We had results, more than 50,000 organics, not paying results, but is never been enough, I can pay for bots, but that is not the point, I ask PIV to share the PIVX spirit, not to impress with fake numbers.