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Ended Pivx Turkey Environmental Cleanup Event


Title: pivx-turkey-cleanup
Name: pivx-turkey-cleanup
Term: 1
Cycle Amount: 12700
Total Amount: 12700
Author: talhatr
Receiver: talhatr
Address:  DTiKPq62mZchmdNgRDeL6CKzrrSo6LyeMa
Status: Proposed
Vote Hash:  a826170f82d848939be1b579b4bc421463ee2e80964715d6c5fddef5d7b4d26a

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We are taking action thank you!


I normally wanted to make this proposal on World Environment Day, but we had limited time and no budget. In this presentation I am giving you all the details in a transparent way.

PIVX is professionally supported by many people in the digital environment. In addition to my efforts to create a community in Turkey, I want to go out on the streets and mingle with people and take steps to announce the social side of PIVX to the whole world. All the actions I take are done on my own initiative within the scope of my responsibility as an Ambassador. I want to be the stage face of PIVX, reach new people and emphasize that PIVX is an active and real community with social projects.

All expenses included in the offer will be transparently presented to the community as an Invoice.
My purpose of doing this event; To bring awareness to Pivx and to gain new skills for myself. If PIVX becomes very popular in Turkey, I will have achieved this and it will be a perfect step for me to stay as a part of the team.

I am confident that I will have a successful event. All details about the event - developments will be shared.

For 2 days, I will be waiting for feedback from you, valuable community members. Afterwards, I aim to create a proposal. I will try this because PIVX's involvement in socially active projects will emphasize that we are a strong community. Thank you.








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This is awesome! Love the idea and the concept you made! I'm a cleanup type of guy my self that's why I this proposal makes me happy ) Also I hope for good footage from the drone :)