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Archived PIVX Turkey Football project & Social media work


Title: PIVXTurkeyEvent
Name: PIVXTurkeyEvent
Term: 1
Cycle Amount: 4850
Total Amount: 4850
Author: talhatr
Receiver: talhatr
Address:  DTiKPq62mZchmdNgRDeL6CKzrrSo6LyeMa
Status: Proposed
Vote Hash:  de74744b808ebb2c8690547d1042be758d52a8cc2f2bc1112c5534c137396c89

Greetings to everyone. I have been working to inform the PIVX Turkey community for more than 2 months. I am very happy to receive positive feedback from the community.
The proposal I submitted last month was rejected due to lack of budget. Therefore, I am opening a new proposal and aiming to raise awareness in Turkey to the highest level.
The astroturf project will last for a minimum of 1 year and regular visuals will be sent every week.
I will also do a little twitter work with the social media influencer who contacted me and Jeffey.

I am doing my best to serve PIVX for the long term and strengthen the ecosystem.
I recently translated the EconomyWhitepaper into Turkish.
I also sent listing application forms to two Turkish exchanges, Paribu and Bitci.
I continue to work smoothly in line with my mission. This offer will help me build a presence in Turkey and provide a large audience. Also, thanks to this proposal, which is only 1 cycle, we will start a nice project that will last 1 year.

Last but not least : Yesterday, the crypto law in Turkey was brought to the parliament and it is likely that the law will be created. This will help many Turkish merchants to accept payments with PIVX in the coming days :)

Offer content
-Purchase of astro pitch vests
-Quality printing of PIVX Logos
-Rental of banner space
-Custom Banner Design & Printing
-Carpet field visit every week
-2-3 Photo shoots every week

PIVX Turkey Astroturf Field Event

Football is a very common sport in Turkey and there are many astroturf pitches.


Polish Soccer Team represents PIVX​

PIVX is proud to have Sports Ambassadors, a professional athletes all over the world representing PIVX wherever they come. PIVX is becoming recognized as a sport coin among top athletes.
And this initiative inspired me.

Turkey is a country that loves football and cryptos :).
People in Turkey love to play soccer on the astroturf every day of the week.
As a Turk, I am eager to do this job because I know this very well.

Astroturf Rules in Turkey;
Astroturf matches are played in 2 halves of 30 minutes each.
It is mandatory for teams to wear an astroturf vest to avoid confusion on the field.
In the region where I live, 7 different matches are played in every astroturf field from 18:00 pm to 01:00 am.

So in short, people like to play soccer (for a fee) every day.

My idea is to make an advertisement for the astroturf vests that people (necessarily) wear when playing soccer.
To present a total of 28 (4 teams can wear them) PIVX logo astroturf vests to 1 astroturf as a pilot.

People will wear astroturf vests with the PIVX logo on them when they play soccer.

A total of 14 players and 10-15 people watch the soccer match. Using this formula, 30 or more people will be reached for 1 astroturf match.
Imagine repeating this effect in 3 different matches per day? It will allow us to reach an estimated +80-90 new people per day.

Of course, this doesn't mean that all people will join our community. But we will still see people playing soccer every day, regularly, wearing jerseys with the PIVX logo.
Is that enough? Of course not.

People will wear jerseys with the PIVX logo, but how can they know about something they don't know what it is?

For this ;

I want to create a 4x2 m PIVX design banner on the visible part of the pitch.
It will include a slogan about PIVX and our social media accounts.
Our slogan is : Community Driven Privacy Powered

Or we can think of a different slogan.

I will make an agreement with the owner of the astroturf and every week at least 2-3 different soccer teams will be photographed in PIVX jerseys and sent to us.

We will also have video recordings of soccer matches (although not a clear image).

I believe that when this project is realized, astroturf jerseys will be worn regularly for at least 1 year and their photos will be coming regularly.
Of course, not everyone who plays soccer is crypto-oriented, maybe some of them have no knowledge about crypto.

Ultimately this is a viable option to create a culture and in the future we will have the option to organize a coffee meeting, a soccer tournament or other events with these people.
A one-time cost can be the basis for a project that will last more than 1 year.

Of course, I will take responsibility as a PIVX Turkey ambassador.
I will go to the astroturf at least 1 day a week to chat with people wearing PIVX jerseys about PIVX and invite them to the community.
We will rent the banner area for 1 year and our banner will hang there for 1 year and people will see it.

I would like to ask for your support for an event that will last at least 1 year with the money we will give to a Twitter influencer and every week we will see new people's photos in jerseys with the PIVX logo.
Once the proposal is approved, work will be carried out in consultation with the Community on the design and with an emphasis on Brand value.
I am looking for feedback on this idea and all my work is being done in a transparent way to move the PIVX Turkey community forward.

I invite you to join our telegram group to see how our community will grow once the event is approved and people start playing soccer with PIVX logo astroturf vests.


PIVX (=Protected Instant Verified Transaction) PIVX GLOBAL : @pivxchat PIVX HABER : @pivxnews PIVX TRADE : @pivxtradechat PIVX WEBSITE: https://pivx.org PIVX DESTEK : https://docs.pivx.org/

Thank you for your support. I will make PIVX much more popular in Turkey.

And I don't want the 50 piv I used to make this offer back.[/Code]
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"Of course, I will take responsibility as a PIVX Turkey ambassador.
I will go to the astroturf at least 1 day a week to chat with people wearing PIVX jerseys about PIVX and invite them to the community.
We will rent the banner area for 1 year and our banner will hang there for 1 year and people will see it."

You are a breath of fresh air to PIVX @talhatr, thank you so much for creating this proposal and implementing it. Seeing a PIVX banner in a soccer field in Turkey, as well as the shirts is super cool to see, but more importantly, you stepping up to become PIVX's Turkish Ambassador and an active one at that is brilliant. Love the fact you will be attending the astroturf once a week to represent PIVX. Well done you! 👏