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Archived PIVX Turkey Promotion Work


Hello, my name is Talha. I live in Turkey and I have been researching and working on crypto for a long time. I am submitting this proposal because I believe that PIVX's promotional activities in Turkey are lacking.

This proposal has been sent for community evaluation and potentially positive/negative feedback.

Your constructive feedback is important.

Basic Information

Before I present my proposal, I would like to give some information about the crypto potential in Turkey.

Turkey has experienced a serious revolution in the crypto space in the last 5 years. It is now among the top 5 countries in Europe in terms of crypto usage. People see cryptocurrencies as an option to hedge against inflation. You know that PIVX opened the PIVX/Turkish Lira coin on Gate.io.

The idea of trading with Turkish Lira is an excellent opportunity for Turkish crypto users. However, PIVX has no Turkish resources. So my suggestion is to create a community in Turkey, create Turkish content and create an environment to answer people's questions.


My proposal for PIVX Turkey promotion activities is to serve as an "Ambassador". For this reason, I would like to inform you about the details of what I will do.

Social Media Posts:

I will create Turkish social media accounts for PIVX.

I will create informative and engaging content on a daily basis to be shared regularly on Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. These posts will cover the vision of the project and current developments.

Telegram Community Management:

I will actively manage the Telegram community by encouraging interaction between members, addressing questions and facilitating knowledge sharing. I will also organize regular discussions and events to encourage community growth. One-on-one Turkish support for questions and issues will be helpful. I will also help the community grow further through social media sharing.

YouTube Videos:

I will produce informative and educational videos on a weekly basis. These videos will delve into the project's objectives, technology, and current developments in detail, providing more information to the crypto community in Turkey.

AMA and Reward Events:

I will host regular "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) sessions on platforms such as Telegram and Twitter. During these events, I will answer questions from community members and organize reward-based activities to increase project awareness.

Events and Organizing:

I will organize events and activities targeting the crypto community in Turkey to bring interested individuals together. These events could include seminars, webinars, conferences, and community meetups in various formats.

Increasing Brand Equity:

I will develop various strategies to increase the brand value of the project by promoting it to a wider audience in Turkey. This may include the use of brand fonts, the use of logos, future collaborations with youtubers and managing other marketing activities to increase the visibility and reputation of the project.

This will raise awareness of PIVX in Turkey and encourage more people to join us.

I will also provide you with an updated progress report every 15 days and share potential growth statistics with you.

While trying to inform people about PIVX, I will also learn a lot of information.

All the work to be done will be to increase the awareness of the project in Turkey. In this period when people are turning to crypto because of inflation, creating a conscious community can be excellent.

In addition, 10% of the amount I specified in my offer will be used for community events every month.

My goal is to gain a permanent place in the PIVX community and give people the most accurate information.

I am ready and excited to take on this task.

As I mentioned, I will submit a progress report every two weeks to show my proof of work.

I hope this proposal will be considered and we can start a new initiative in Turkey..

Business Plan and Funding

When I start as an Ambassador, I will work at least 8 Hours a day, including Telegram management / Preparing social media posts and learning new information about the project

This will vary, but as I am acting as an Ambassador, I will not offer hourly bids.

I will be active every minute PIVX needs me.

The amount I request for the 1-month Business plan I mentioned above;

Daily : 80 PIVX
Monthly :2400 PIVX

In the first month, branded merchandise such as PIVX t-shirts and mugs will be purchased from the requested funding.

10% of the funding requested each month (240 PIVX) will be used for Community development and events.

You can review my offer and ask your questions. I hope we can work together and bring PIVX to the attention and recognition it deserves in Turkey. Thank you very much.