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Active PIVX Turkish Youtube training videos series


New Pivian
Hello, my name is Talha. I live in Bursa, Turkey.
I want to create Turkish promotional videos for the PIVX project. I would like to get feedback from you on this issue. Creating promotional and narrative videos in Turkish can make a great contribution to the ecosystem.
Creating 30 youtube videos with all the technical details for thePIVX Project from the very beginning.
-The videos will be like a series of 4-5 minutes long on average.
-PIVX t-shirt will be worn in the videos.
-The videos will be created with independent visuals and details.
-In the videos to be made, details such as the PIVX logo and font will be emphasized.
-Once the videos are created, all rights will belong to the PIVX community/management.
-The official web address and other sources you provide will be used as the source.
What is the benefit of the video series?

Turkey is at the forefront of cryptocurrency adoption in Europe. Therefore, I would like to emphasize that creating a series of promotional videos for the PIVX project in Turkey is both an exciting and strategic step.
This video series will be a tool to attract the attention of crypto users in Turkey and inform them about PIVX. Furthermore, Turkey's geographical location and economic potential provide an ideal environment for the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Due to the economic situation, it is obvious that there is a search for financial privacy. Therefore, this project will not only contribute to the crypto economy in Turkey, but also attract the attention of the global crypto community.

I'm ready to take the step to create high quality content while keeping costs low and maybe become part of the PIVX Community in the future. ( Community management, Turkish social media management etc.)
That's why I want to come with a much more favorable offer compared to the global markets.

Cost :

That's why I want to come with a much more favorable offer compared to global markets.
I am targeting 60 PIVX cost per video (Current Price: 9 USD)
30 Video cost: 1600 PIVX : ( Current Price : 485 USD)

I would love to invest in the future of PIVX and work to make your presence known in Turkey. You can imagine that Turkey is looking for privacy due to its potential and economic conditions. Any feedback will be addressed. Thank you.