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Archived PIVXpress + DYK2020v2


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Title: PIVXpress + DYK 2020V2
Name: PIVXpress2020v2
Term: 3
Cycle Amnt: 3000 PIV
Total Amnt:  9000 PIV
Author: Jeffrey
Receiver: Jeffrey + Rhubarbarian
Address: DTMi1BXDoJjydX9kzL3NScpLdqJ63qiaAJ
Status: Proposed

This is an ongoing proposals that involves me ( Jeffrey) and the script writer/editor @Rhubarbarian and we plan on renewing this proposal every 3 months in order to provide a constant supply of PIVXpress to bring you the latest in PIVX, Community and DYK's!

Our videos now take place in 2 new international destinations, Indonesia and soon Singapore! Our plans with this will be to evolve this and use our videos as marketing to engage with users around the world to learn more about PIVX in a simple visual way,

What the Proposal entails:
  • PIVXpress videos recorded by me and my team member Mary(Catzi) and edited by @Rhubarbarian
  • DYK Videos recorded by Catzi and Edited by @Rhubarbarian
  • Video tutorials on our wallet,merchants and other requests done by me
  • Marketing of our latest videos
  • Video content management, We are now planning on hosting our videos and many YouTube alternatives providing you the best in PIVX everywhere
  • DYK scripts written by @Rhubarbarian as well as the outlining of the PIVXpress videos.
You can find our channels here:

Thanks for your support!

We are asking for a total of 3000 PIVX per cycle (2000 PIVX for me and my team and 1000 PIVX for Rhubarbarian) for a total of 3 cycles amounting to 9000 PIVX.
I do not want to be reimbursed the 50 PIVX Submission fee.

Voting Details:

To Vote YES for this proposal:

mnbudgetvote many 0db596e7d32cea0b9b42b9f99b531ebb5a1852843b0eb0ca1b7a528b21c20a32 yes

To Vote NO for this proposal:
mnbudgetvote many 0db596e7d32cea0b9b42b9f99b531ebb5a1852843b0eb0ca1b7a528b21c20a32  no
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Haces un trabajo genial promoviendo PIVX. Me gustan mucho las imágenes y el estilo de Rhubarbarian. Tienes un gran equipo. Que la fuerza te acompañe Jeff... A todos! ✌