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Title: Maighan Brown 2  (Oct-Dec 2019)
Name: MaighanBrownOctDec19
Term: 3
Cycle Amnt: 1500
Total Amnt: 4500
Author: Bryan “Snappy”
Receiver: Maighan Brown
Address: TBA
Created: 10.04.2019
Status: Budget Proposal

This document outlines the next cycle of funding for a Sports Ambassador (Maighan Brown - Leading Australian Female Triathlete), her role, work, commitments, the amount they are expected to be paid each cycle, and reporting responsibilities.

Engaging as a Sports Ambassador for PIVX, representing herself as a member of the PIVX community, representing the PIVX brand in her training and competitions, displaying the PIVX logo on training gear, racing gear, actively engaging online on social media, expanding the ecosystem by bringing awareness of and to PIVX. Representing PIVX in interviews and other social/community engagements.

I will be reporting a monthly synopsis of my work, results of races, training progression, etc - to the PIVX community as well as online (social media) and other online avenues that I have been involved with on behalf of and for PIVX. Additionally, I will be actively posting to social media (Instagram, facebook) about my work/sponsorship from PIVX, including relevant tags, promoting campaigns, etc. Additionally, I will seek to work and align with the PIVX outreach/marketing/global ambassadors to coordinate on media pushes, campaigns, etc. I will also (pending training and race schedules) be willing to represent PIVX at gatherings/meetups/conferences as a Sports Ambassador.


• Name: Maighan Brown

• Age: 28

• Location: Gold Coast, Australia

• Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/maighanbrown/?hl=en

• Facebook Account: https://www.facebook.com/maighan.brown.1

At the age of 25 I entered my first triathlon on the Gold Coast, 3 years later I have secured my Professional Triathlon License, where I am now wanting to further my career within the sport & represent my country on a national level. I have recently begun training under Olympic & World Champion Coach Craig Walton, with the goal of taking my career to the next level.


2015 – Caloundra Triathlon Sprint Distance - 2nd Place 2015 – Raby Bay Triathlon Sprint Distance - 3rd Place 2015 – Luke Harrop Triathlon Sprint Distance - 3rd Place 2015 – Raby Bay Sprint Distance - 2nd Place 2015 – Byron Bay Olympic Distance - 1st Place 2016 – Robina National Championships - 2nd (age 25-29) 2016 – Kingscliff Olympic Distance - 1st (age 25-29) 2016 – Byron Bay Olympic Distance Triathlon - 1st Place

2016 – World Age group Championships – Mexico, Cozumel - 18th – Noosa Triathlon Olympic Distance - 1st Place (age 25-29)

2017 – Robina Australian Triathlon Championships, Sprint Distance- 1st overall 2017 – Mooloolaba Australian Championships, Olympic Distance 1st Place - Rotterdam, Netherlands – World Triathlon Championships, Sprint Distance (age 25-29) - 1st Place

2018 – Glenelg, South Australia Elite Sprint Distance - 20th Place – Luke Harrop Elite Sprint Distance - 7h Place – Robina Sprint Distance Triathlon - 1st Place

2019 - Burleigh Swim Run - 1st Place - Mooloolaba Triathlon Sprint Distance - 1st Place - Super League Triathlon - Bali Qualifier - 8th Place - Queensland Tri Series Robina January - 1st Place

- Queensland Tri Series Olympic Distance -September – 1st Place

Product Information for sponsorship and use of funds:
At the current submission time of this proposal, 1 PIV = 0.25 (USD), thus 1000 PIV = $250 (USD). As we are long PIVX, we believe in the continual rise of the perceived value of a PIV (and part of our endeavors will to be to increase awareness and adoption).

The monthly PIV will be used in the following manner, largely initially to obtain PIVX branded custom training apparel and competition gear, working towards a full bike wrap and potential purchase of a new bike, all fitted with PIVX logos.

So far I have utilized my PIVX funds to custom design my racing apparel & training apparel. See below designs ☺

I have also incorporated the PIVX Logo onto my Club cycling apparel and swimsuit for more exposure.


• Robina QLD Triathlon Series • September 29th – COMPLETED = 1st


• Raby Bay QLD Triathlon • October 13th

• Nepean Triathlon • 26/27th October

• Noosa Festival Triathlon • 30th October

• Western Sydney 70.3 • 24th November


I would also love to provide more of an insight into my training. Obviously being out on the road, swimming laps & running around in circles, I don’t believe I have actually been able to give a deeper awareness of what my day to day training entails. In order for this to be achieved, I believe appointing a specialized film/photographer that follows me around for the day capturing drone footage and the ins and outs of my training would be fantastic for the PIVX and social media community. Here is a very well-known company that specializes in this kind of work;



Some photos from my most recent Race below.



Proposal Duration
: 3-month proposal

Funding: 1.5K PIV (per month)

Reporting: Monthly summary of activities, results,

Total Per Month: 1500 PIV

Vote Yes:

mnbudgetvote many 2ac84bee7c95556ccb5aba11ec05b6cb3b2b10cf428e32dab251cae87234399b yes

Vote No:

mnbudgetvote many 2ac84bee7c95556ccb5aba11ec05b6cb3b2b10cf428e32dab251cae87234399b no


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