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Archived Pre-Proposal: First PIVX conference in Venezuela


Mar '18

Description and Goal Statement:
Cryptocurrencies have gotten a lot of attention in Venezuela lately, there is a growing community and everyday there is more awareness, even the government has released its on cryptocurrency called Petro (PTR). But still there is a lot of people that needs orientation to get started and learn how to benefit from this, given the exchange control, the hyperinflation of its currency (VEF), and the high number of citizens who have migrated to other countries and wish to send money to buy goods and services for their families and friends still living in Venezuela, we want to help ease this problem.
So, we are envisioned to hold this first conferences about Pivx and other cryptocurrencies for entrepreneurs in Caracas - Venezuela, that aims to increase cryptocurrencies awareness and find people that are interested on Pivx governance system propose new ideas and projects for the community.
Finally, with this event we will generate content to be posted on the Internet, in the form of videos, articles and podcast that will increase good quality information availability about PIVX both in Spanish and English.
3000 PIVX (around 13000$) (see detailed budget in Notes below)
Project Team: Coindata https://steemit.com/@bitcoindata
Coindata is a Venezuelan startup focused on developing blockchain related projects. The team is conformed by:
• Javier Alexander Villarroel - Project management, Lecturer - Telephone: +58 412 8416822 - E-mail: [email protected]
• Andres Larez: Lecturer – Email: [email protected]
• Ronald Arreaza : Operative assistant – Email: [email protected]
• Isabel Rivero: Social Media Manager
• Pedro Jose Herrera: Graphic designer
Project Purpose / Business Justification
Why Venezuela?

Venezuelans are very resourceful and competitive people running out of opportunities to flourish because of the financial and social crisis Venezuela is going through many are emigrating. We believe that given the tools to work with a fair wage Venezuelans can be very proficient.
That is why we think Venezuelans entrepreneurs are a great targets and would be an asset for any cryptocurrency community. Despite the harsh times the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute (GEDI) launched its Global Entrepreneurship Index for 2017 showing that the individual entrepreneurial initiative has managed to stay up in our country demonstrating that we are still finding ways to innovate.
Besides, since almost two million people have left our country and still have family and friends here, there is a need to send money home to help buy goods and services for people still living in Venezuela. This is still not that easy, operatively talking, because of banking and exchange restrictions.
All this represents an opportunity for cryptocurrencies in general and of course for PIVX which has a gamechanger governance system. PIVX could become widely used by Venezuelans residing both in and out of the country if we work to raise awareness and create new tools for Venezuelan to acquire and trade PIVX.
Key Deliverables
The first PIVX conference in Venezuela for entrepreneurs held in Caracas - Venezuela.
The participation for these entrepreneurs would be free of charge, we will encourage every attendant to open a new PIVX wallet so they may opt for PIVX giveaway.
The event will include:
• PIVX presentation (protocol, wallets, where to buy, governance system and more) (45 minutes).
• A coffee break and networking time (20 minutes).
• A workshop intended to agree on lines of action (individual and collective) for the entrepreneurs. This is the time when we can implement the giveaways (45 minutes).
Additionally, the entire event would be recorded on video, and from it, this content would be generated:
• A maximum 30 minutes edited video to be posted on an exclusive YouTube channel.
• Subtitles in English for this YouTube video.
• An article in Spanish to be posted on various blogs.
• The same article translated into English.
The conference will target up to 150 Spanish Speaking entrepreneurs, who either live or come to Caracas - Venezuela for the event. The actions taken for these entrepreneurs towards implementing or not PIVX in their business or personal activities is not included in the scope, although they will be encouraged to do so.
Also, from each event we will generate content to be published on the Internet which of course will be available for people all over the world searching for information about PIVX and other cryptocurrencies, both in Spanish and English.
Success Criteria
Entrepreneurs assistance and participation in the conference (to be verified by photographs, videos and the attendance form).There are views, likes and comments in the YouTube videos, and the blog articles.
External Dependencies
We want to invite the national entrepreneurial ecosystem through :
• Impact Hub Caracas
• Ecoem
• Wayra
This would increase our chance to target the right people for these conferences.
Communication Strategy
Project team will communicate on a daily basis and have at least two meetings per week.
The project manager will post a status report in PIVX Forum frequently.
Reviews Planned
We will want review of our work, before submitting the next proposal. If PIVX community likes our job we will be doing more proposals for the community and more conferences in different parts of Venezuela to keep encouraging adoption.

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