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Archived (Pre-Proposal) PIVX Mining Pool (Rented Hash) - Keep upwards pressure


Apr '17

Cryptopool.io 1 Pre-Proposal
Cryptopool.io 1 has built a Multi-Algorithm, Profit switching mining pool that payouts in PIVX to miners, We currently support X11, SHA256 & SCRYPT ( We are considering to add some GPU Algos ) - Our Pool profit switches between the most profitable coins in the above algorithms and then auto exchanges them for PIVX. We charge a flat 2% fee which includes all exchange fees and transaction fees. - We have been operation now to the public for under a week and we have in total paid out 2359.22311859 PIVX to Miners!
What Benefits Does the mining pool give to PIVX?
  • 10% Pool fees are donated to charities Worldwide (Building transparency with the system on this)
  • Buy Support / Upwards pressure is put the PIVX price
We would like to sustain a constant hashrate in all 3 of the algorithms we currently offer using a service called Nicehash / MiningRigRentals. Essentially Nicehash / MRR Rent you hash power instead of owning your own mining equipment, and allows you to point it to any pool in a number of different algorithms.
The Benfit of such a large Mining Pool puts upwards buy pressure on the price of PIVX on the exchanges our system trades on (Currently Bitrexx)
Our Proposal is a little backwards, But use the PIVX exchange it for BTC (Used as fiat on NH/MRR) And have daily X3 24 Hour Orders on SHA256, X11, SCRYPT - The Rewards will be paid either into paying the developers, or going back into the community via one of the Community Managers, Or Suggest something?

We would like to sustain 10 / 15 GH/s in X11 which at the current fixed rate of 0.0239 BTC/GH/Day is 0.25 BTC / 0.50 BTC - We are working on calculations on protiability using nicehash, but with the block chance of each coin we mine throws a spanner into the works. - This is only an issue until we see steady hashrate and miners into the pool.
Cost (Daily)
X11 - 250 PIV (฿0.25 Bassed on 0.00099762 Rate) - 10 GH/s
SHA256 - 150 PIV (฿0.15 Bassed on 0.00099762 Rate) - 200 TH/s
SCRYPT - 250 PIV (฿0.25 Bassed on 0.00099762 Rate) - 5 GH/s
Total = 650 PIV
Since this is a Pre-Proposal The above is not sent in stone, We can adjust accodingly and test/average rewards each month
Price is varialbe on NH above prices are averages PIVX QTY is variable bassed on BTC/PIV Pair
http://pivx.cryptopool.io 1