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problem in redeem pivx


New Pivian
is there anybody here to buy pivx and try to transfer that to coinomi?
they told me that have some problem on pivx 5.5 update version and will solve issue but if I need my pivx use the private key.
now I am looking forward for a wallet which support to redeem my private key and have access to my token.

please help me!
What is the issue with the core wallet? Please make sure you are using our latest mandatory release - 5.6.1 and it needs to be completely synchronized. As you may have updated late it’s possible that you are on a forked blockchain so please run these steps - https://toolbox.pivx.org/forked/
I think I should be waiting till the synchronization is finished. it started from 8 years ago and after 3 hours it is 5 years and 46 weeks. how long does it take for full synchronization?