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Questions from a PIVX nube (BTC hodler, and DASH MN owner) about cold staking.


New Pivian
Assume that I fund 1000 PIV into an owner-addy, delegate it to a staker-addy (Allnodes, say), and it starts receiving rewards.

1. When a reward comes in, will the newly increased 1000+ PIV balance continue to earn additional rewards (after 101 confs), thus effectively compounding, without my doing anything further?

2. If I then send 500 additional PIVs to the same owner-addy: (A) will the new 1500+ PIV automatically start earning rewards (101 confs later), or (B) must I re-delegate the total, or (C) must I re-delegate just the added 500 PIV separately?

3. If I then withdraw 700 PIV from the stake (sending the change back to the owner-addy), will the reduced 800+ PIV balance automatically continue earning rewards or must I re-delegate the new balance?