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Open recover seed with 13 words


New Pivian
I installed a new pivx wallet in my new linux computer
and I copied the ./pivx folder from the backup to my new computer.
I can see the amount of my pivx but the wallet don't accept
my passphrase to send my pivx. I have a seed with 13 words
(german language). Is there a way to recover my pivx with
this seed? Thank you for your help.

The PIVX Core wallet has never used seed words for recovery. The PIVX Mobile wallet did though. So, that must have been the wallet you were using. However, it is currently out of date and will not run.

No worries - to recover, please just use the same seed words to recover using the Coinomi mobile wallet. Your PIVX will then be available there.

Best you ask in the #support channel at Discord.PIVX.org if you need more help. We obviously don't use this forum for support very much and missed your request. Sorry about that.