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After the 3.2 upgrade I lost 118 piv and 250 minted zpiv. I tried every step of wallet repair and everything I could find online. Only got worse every time I tried something. At times it showed more piv during the resync process. After it was finished it showed less. And now I can't unlock my wallet with a pass phrase that has worked in the past. Get an assertion failed message. Crypter cpp line 249
HI Geo. There is a possibility that your coins never existed as they were on a forked network. Always update to mandatory updates in time. However before we assume that the crypter.cpp error means your wallet.dat is corrupt, can you restore to a backup?

Once you have done that let me know here or in the Discord support channel and we can assist you further in the recovery process.
Ok I did a backup . I have also tried deleting the PIVX folder and then restoring from backup and it did not work. I originally transferred 300 coins into the wallet which i was staking. At one point I had about 550 Until the 3.2 upgrade and then the wallet locked up and never fully opened. Then I tried all the steps in the wallet repair section and all my zpiv disappeared and then 118 of the original 300 after trying other steps. So now I have 182 left with a locked wallet that I can't open.
This wallet you can't open, is it a previous backup? it should be working then with the password you set

This issue may require more direct contact. Join our discord https://discord.pivx.org and message in the #support channel.