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Name: rigden bastyon s 001
Term: 1 cycle
Cycle Amount: 2050
Total Amount: 2050
Author: [USER=1604]@Rigden15937[/USER]
Receiver: [USER=1604]@Rigden15937[/USER]
Address: D9i9e44gQhoto8wKxtfCpiyPSDgaMycXYK
Created: 07.02.2024
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 8e90f97ef878cfb87da4edc75879c901128cea3a953a59d3faa5031d0d3124b3

Hello friends, I would like to introduce you to pivx on Bastyon - a decentralized, blockchain based, censorsip resistant, pro privacy, opensource, social network, the place where your speech can not be removed.
To learn more about bastyon check bottom of my proposal.

I created the first x account in the year here: https://bastyon.com/pivx

14/08/2020 - https://bastyon.com/pivx?s=e752498d...27d15c&ref=PKbYu8Sib6hAB56xeM1r6qWvqbhNFbrTJX
At that time, there was no interest from pivx even though I wrote to a couple of people. But in 2023, I told myself that the whole community had moved to bastion and pivx. So I tried again and started working on the whole honor from 0 rating.

It is not at all the easiest to get to a high reputation and above all you have to approach high people with ratings.
To become a top user, you must have a valid reputation. It requires at least 100 different people with the best reputation to vote for your content (after 3 months this requirement is reduced to 30). The second requirement is a minimum of 100 total reputation.

11/26/2023 - there were only 0.8 ratings https://bastyon.com/pivx?s=5eaaa7bd...868ab7&ref=PKbYu8Sib6hAB56xeM1r6qWvqbhNFbrTJX

6.12.2023 https://bastyon.com/pivx?s=0258f209...fb2d52&ref=PKbYu8Sib6hAB56xeM1r6qWvqbhNFbrTJX

16.12.2023 https://bastyon.com/pivx?s=f5111cdf...55925f&ref=PKbYu8Sib6hAB56xeM1r6qWvqbhNFbrTJX

27.12. https://bastyon.com/pivx?s=d5c7f436...822fd3&ref=PKbYu8Sib6hAB56xeM1r6qWvqbhNFbrTJX

3.1. https://bastyon.com/pivx?s=a07fc8d9...f3ad2a&ref=PKbYu8Sib6hAB56xeM1r6qWvqbhNFbrTJX

2.2. https://bastyon.com/pivx?s=f5fa0a4c...fc6be9&ref=PKbYu8Sib6hAB56xeM1r6qWvqbhNFbrTJX

6.2. https://bastyon.com/pivx?s=9e3f864d...cc2b15&ref=PKbYu8Sib6hAB56xeM1r6qWvqbhNFbrTJX

that's the last post I've added so far

There are 106 contributions in total. Account earned rating from 0.8 to 301.7
0 followers at the beginning and now 49 even if it's just the beginning. And above all, I don't see who watched it and didn't like it.

Pocketcoin Advertising - Cost Effective Coverage
Trying to be heard online?
Would you like to get your content or product in front of a dynamic new audience for less than the big ad networks?
Bastyon, a blockchain social network, has just released a way to promote content including videos.
The cost of displaying in Bastyon is many times lower than in traditional advertising networks.
I used boost for at least half of the posts. It is an opportunity to get an audience of 3500 people for one pocketcoin payment per contribution. 1pcoin - $0.35

Where to buy PKOIN?
PKOIN can be purchased on the following pages.

* Bitforex.com
* Digifinex.com
* PKOIN.NET - here you can buy PKOIN for other cryptocurrencies.
Incredibly low CPM
Buying PKOIN peer-to-peer on Bastyon

PKOIN purchase is possible from other Bastyon users. You can agree on the terms of purchase/sale in personal correspondence with the seller/buyer, which you can find in the news in the "PKOIN/peer-to-peer" category

the platform has been operational since 2019, it was initially called pocketcoin, but the community changed it to bastyon.
Anyone can create an account without violating privacy. Choose the name you want and if it is not taken and it creates generated seed words for him like everywhere else, but now it uses a generated long address with all characters and numbers. and it is undetectable even if there is an option to log in by email.

And you can reward the person in question if you like their content.
It is also possible to stream live, but I haven't tried it yet. Here are a couple of links if you want to study it in detail.





Resistant to censorship
Bastyon exists on computers with decentralized nodes around the world that are run by users. Each node computer runs on the same exact transparent set of rules that prevent anyone from arbitrarily banning content. Even the Bastyon developers can't ban anyone, the platform is user-moderated Even the Bastyon developers can't ban anyone, the platform is user-moderated

Social Media Bitcoin
Bastyon runs on the blockchain and does not depend on any website or domain. As long as there are a few nodes running somewhere in the world, the network can function and creators will have access to followers and users to content. Bastyon is the "Bitcoin of Social Media"

Privacy protection
A Bastyon account is not tied to your identity or phone number, only email verification is required. Multiple accounts are allowed to protect your privacy. No personal data is ever collected or stored. Bastyon also has an encrypted peer-to-peer messenger. Your privacy is Bastyon's main goal. Your private key is known only to you and cannot be recovered by developers.

Many new features on the way
Bastyon is actively testing and adding new features like, video and audio content upload and recently live streaming. So soon it could become all in one place for any social media content.

a couple of graphs and statistics

ads-on-bastyon1-en.jpgads-on-bastyon3-en.jpgAudience.pngDistribution by Country.pngEmployment Status.pngpeer-to-peer-en.jpg

Work a day at least 1 hour €10 + boosting from my own resources is already included in that. +
50 proposal = 2050 pivx
I intend to continue working on this project
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Bastyon sounds like the perfect app for PIVX what with it's privacy protocol. You started this account up over a month ago, and have been diligently posting to it daily. It takes time to grow followers as you know so I think for your first month of going from 0 to 49 is good. Its interesting to see the audience analytics as to me it shows a new group of ages that we usually don't tap into, people in their 50s and 60s.
Looking forward to seeing how next month goes as we will have more listings and events to promote.