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Open Running PIVX Masternode on Non-Default Port (i.e. 51472)


New Pivian
Hello! I want to operate my PIVX masternode on a different port, not the standard 51472. Could you please tell me what is required to move the communications to another port? I can handle all the firewall and NAT transactions related to the move. What I don't know how to do is how to setup the masternode to work on a port other than the default one. It seems to me that there is likely some additions or changes required in masternode.conf and/or pivx.conf. Is that correct and are any other changes required? I am running my masternode on Linux server version 16. Your help will be most appreciated.
Also just to add to my former question -- Is it allowed or possible to do this, that is, run a masternode with a port other than 51472?
You cannot change the default ports. Security design! 1 mn = one IP. But you can bind multiple IP's to one interface. ;)
Similar to tor-relays, only 2 instances run on one IP.