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Name: RustyBloxServer
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amnt: 3500 PIV
Total Amnt: 3500 PIV
Author: Liquid369
Receiver: Liquid369
Address: D7TDbPUmYhjkVnEfPkK3dCuSB4iiCpvu6c
Created: 02-07-2024
Status: Pending Submission
Vote Hash: ae7e0fb200d59a517b0c39495dec2ab02bcb2b5ea824344135de6a43417ca4dc

RustyBlox Server Proposal
This proposals intent is to outline the costs associated with the RustyBlox explorer and general chain data analytics tools to be hosted.


This is the server we are looking at for hosting this infrastructure. $51.99 is monthly, and it has a one time setup fee of 64.99.
Screenshot 2024-02-07 at 3.49.36 PM.png

Which has us looking at this amount for an entire year of hosting, this is provided by OVHCloud. I have factored in tax to roughly make it up to $980 USD total, which at current rates 3267 PIV, but I have padded it to 3500 PIV incase of fluctuations during the time of payout. Any remaining funds can be saved for renewal, or moved to the PIVX Slush Fund for marketing, also I will be reclaiming the 50 PIV for proposal submission from the total as well.

The current servers we have are not strong enough to handle RustyBlox at this point in time. Since updating the codebase from synchronous to asynchronous, it's too powerful and any adjusting to control threading and resource usage these vCPU's are not good enough for right now. Moving to a dedicated gives us scalability for the explorer, speed and lots of bandwidth that we also need to be more reliable. Then with leftover space and resources available, it gives me room to downsize on servers in use for starting to collect on chain data to move onto this dedicated so we have more general testnet/testing servers for nodes. Majority of places I have looked at this point are double this cost monthly alone, with lower specs.


Qt GUI wallet users can use the DAO page to cast their votes. For console users, use one of the below commands.

To vote yes:
mnbudgetvote many ae7e0fb200d59a517b0c39495dec2ab02bcb2b5ea824344135de6a43417ca4dc yes

To vote no:
mnbudgetvote many ae7e0fb200d59a517b0c39495dec2ab02bcb2b5ea824344135de6a43417ca4dc no
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RustyBlox is also likely to become the primary source for MPW data (even more importantly than as a user-facing explorer, really), as Blockbook vastly underperforms at the ops that MPW requires to function, either leading to Blockbook explorers randomly crashing, or MPW having to be throttled massively (slower synchronisation) for Blockbook to cope sufficiently.