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Archived Shopping.io: Purchase with PIVX from Amazon/eBay/Walmart etc., even in locations not typically serviced.

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The PIVX Core Team has had introduction discussions with representatives of the organization presented below. Ideally, ALL communication would be 100% transparent, but this is not practical, or even desired, at the introduction stage. It would create far too much low value information and interruptions for the Community. (Many are either not a fit for PIVX - such as services designed for ERC-20 tokens only, or are a flat out scam. There is no need to communicate all that info to the Community.)

However, as soon as PIVX and the organization believe there is a possible 'Win-Win' for the Community to be aware of, and the organization has made a presentation available that they wish to make public, we will then create a Pre-Proposal Discussion post in the PIVX Forum, like this one, and announce it. Ideally, such a Pre-Proposal should be created by the organization, but I am suggesting that in order to create a bias of moving forward, and to avoid helping many organizations climb the learning curve, a PIVian creates the initial Pre-Proposal for them. At that point, we ask that the Community get as involved as they can with questions, group chats, etc. in order to satisfy their due diligence, and better yet - to help shape the details of the proposal before it is submitted to the Network for voting by the Masternode Owners.

Once such proposals have received feedback, and are ready to submit to the Network for voting, then we can guide the organization on how to create the proposal and submit it to the Network. The proposal 'Author' will then be someone from the organization instead of the PIVian submitting the Pre-Proposal.

As the PIVX Core Team, or anyone from the Community, gets more and more involved with various Business Development efforts, there will be of course more Pre-Proposal Discussion posts like this.

In the past, the person submitting a proposal was the one asking for funds, and therefore the 'Owner' of the proposal. Of course that person supported the proposal and was eager to see it pass and get funded. However, given all the above, this is not always going to be the case, as in this proposal.

As such, I am presenting this proposal to the PIVX Community now for Transparency and Introduction purposes, but this submission does not imply I am endorsing/supporting this proposal. I am simply a neutral messenger, passing on the information. If I have anything positive/negative to add to this proposal, I will do so transparently in the comments below, as each of you may also do.




Please tag @Golan in the #shopping_io channel of the PIVX Discord. (NOTE: There is already extensive conversation there. Please review it first!)


Integration to the Shopping.io site, so that PIVX is an accepted payment method for all items. Plus Marketing Reach through Shopping.io Social Channels.


I realize that for security reasons, not everyone wants to download and open a PDF, so I have converted the PDF presentation into images shown below. If you would prefer the PDF version, please DM myself or @Golan.











Added Notes:

Shopping.io is aware a proposal of this size, will need to wait until the new Treasury rewards increase is in place. They are also open to spreading the payment out over more that one Treasury cycle. As such, the payout schedule has not been defined yet.


Please ask your questions here in this forum post, or for more general interactive discussion, please tag @Golan in the #shopping_io channel in the PIVX Discord.
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a running idea here for explorer (zkbitcoin.com) would be to pull (live via websockets) hourly stats of tx activities @ shopping.io (ie n tx's made using PIVX) hence some kind of public API that explorer could use and inform users live on activities there

similar as its done for rewards and binance exchange (on the top of the page)
I have no plans at this point. We can't afford this proposal until the new rewards are available, and in that time, some much better place to spend funds may be presented.

If we were at that point right now, my main concern would be that there wouldn't be enough purchases to justify the expense. Not sure how to get data on that. A Twitter poll didn't give promising feedback.

Love the concept though and the team seems very solid.
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