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Title: Social Media Manager 2020Q4
Name: SocialMediaMgr2020Q4
Term: 3 cycles
Cycle amount: 1150
Total amount: 3450
Author: @LeacyMcK
Receiver: @LeacyMcK
Address: DLgEvgHkzM6taxhDRmBsPjEMXutjMsiXnP
Created: October 4th, 2020
Status: Active

Summary: “The More You Know.”

Twitter’s analytics; Impressions have changed dramatically over the last 10 months in that Twitter needing to gain more followers decided to use a metric to count “monetizable daily active users… which count anyone who consumes a tweet in a way that the company can show them ads.” Forbes.com April 2019
Where we once had up to 13 million impressions per month, this dropped dramatically to 50% less, approx 6 million starting in 11/2019. When COVID hit it further declined another 25%.
Due to the factors above, it’s almost as if we have had to start over in figuring out what works best to get the news out. When breaking down the metrics, I know that; engagement, like-minded new followers accounts, mentions, consistent tweets, hashtags and looking at who our audience is, will help us increase in these areas.

Since late March, the above metrics I am now focusing on have been increasing for PIVX official and PIVXcommunity monthly by 35% to 55% (except for August/September) due to consistent tweets and certain content I promoted which will be mentioned below.

@_PIVX official
Engagement - April 1st, 2020 -present
Monthly engagement due to consistent daily tweets and engaging with our followers and crypto/blockchain communities are averaging above twitter’s 0.02% - 0.09% ‘good’ mark.
0.09% - 2.5%.
64 k to 64.8 k, an average of 160 new followers a month.
Mentions. (Followers using @pivx, #PIVX and PIVX in their tweets)
305 - 2,315

2.5% - 3.5%
-May 1st, 2020 - present:
( Please note that Twitter took this account offline for 6 weeks due to their error. Using May as a starting point.)
1,337 - 1,509 an average of 42 new followers.
Mentions. (Followers using @PIVXcommunity, #PIVXcommunity and PIVXcommunity in their tweets)
340 to 450 a month.

Instagram and Facebook.
Both have changed their own unique algorithms in 2019, add in COVID and now IGs new Reels (similar to TikTok) along with a possible shadow ban of cryptocurrency accounts, I am once again forced to look at the way we get PIVX posts out. In late 2019 Instagram changed the way we search for what’s trending in that it tends to show what our own unique followers are looking at. So regardless of being in a technological; Cryptocurrency/Blockchain grouping, unless our followers have similar interests, PIVX won’t be showing up in the search any time soon.

By using new hashtags, engaging with different crypto accounts, and on random followers pages should their topics be good for PIVX. Changing times of posts and seeing who our predominant audience is a routine habit we have always done. Instagram analytics tools now cover 7 days only and unfortunately, time restraints don’t allow me to keep weekly records to then compare them with other times. There are metric tools offered but budget restraints effect using those also.

Analytics for both have remained the same since my update of https://forum.pivx.org/index.php?threads/social-media-manager-2020q3.711/post-1616.

I am continuing to follow the flow guideline made, first implemented in July 2020.

"Ideas to promote -> Marketing -> Graphic Designer -> Social Media Manager ->Social Team Members -> Social Media Platforms."
You can find more in-depth information about this workflow here, https://forum.pivx.org/index.php?threads/social-media-manager-2020q3.711/

This continuation of the last proposal now covers Twitter (@_PIVX and @PIVXcommunity) and Instagram. I will no longer be lead for Facebook.

I have selected a term of 3 months, to reflect Q4 in its entirety. As such, this proposal will cover October, November and December 2020. The plan is to submit a new proposal in January Q1 2021.

I am not asking for the 50 PIV proposal submission fee to be refunded. I have deducted 100 PIV from my prior monthly fee to reflect not running FB, 600 PIV will be allocated to myself and the usual rate of 550 PIV for tips and rewards for ones that assist. This will also help pay for new images and for contests via paid contest accounts.


1. Continue to define a clear separation of what content should be in each social channel:

@_PIVX twitter continues to maintain its technological and related content while @PIVXcommunity shows the same content but with introductions that will help a new crypto enthusiast understand more.

Moving forward; QOTDs, AMAs, the occasional Q&As along with other related content have been helpful in educating our followers about PIVX. The AMAs are fast becoming a teaching tool in that they cover community questions about our project while also letting the community get to know the team members better, usually, this is @Cryptosi who excels at doing them for PIVX. This along with PIVX’s core wallet updates, 5.0 release with Sapling coming this quarter, the new website almost ready to launch, new use cases, PIVXgives, PIVX store, and other exciting events in the near future, the rest of 2020 will be busy. When choosing QOTD authors now, I will show a more diverse group that uses quotes to educate us all on cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, privacy and about our declining worldwide financial systems.

2. Continue with strategic cross-promotion of all PIVX related areas:
PIVX Alliance with ZENZO now in its 2nd year will continue to be supported by the official twitter accounts by promoting the alliance, and Zenzo’s updates and achievements. Over the past few months, PIVXcommunity has also helped in promoting Merge at times and have now started a little with DigiByte. I feel strongly that to get cryptocurrency adopted more to the general population, joining forces with like-minded projects and communities in engagement and at times re-tweeting and re-posting, not only benefits us as a 'forward-looking group' but also helps build trust with all of our communities that are slowly learning about crypto.

I have been networking more between accounts/projects that reach out via the PIVX social media accounts to have them connected with a core team member that is best suited to what they are looking for. Examples for this are exchanges that have updated information or wish to list PIVX, I reach out to @Jeffrey. AMA and other interviews, I reach out to @Cryptosi. At times it is as simple as reassuring the member and introducing them to PIVX's Discord where they can learn about PIVX at their own pace.

3. Continuation of promotions including the following specific efforts:
-Blockchain event in Toronto, Canada November 2020 of which I will be joining virtually for PIVX.
-New Privacy Protocol
-Specific team members and community members that participate in AMAs, Podcasts, both PIVXpods and independent accounts, and YouTube interviews.
-Tips to PIVians who ‘Step Up’ to fill a role
-Bi-monthly polls to better gauge our audience’s interests and/or improve engagement.
-Daily Instagram stories are used to showcase PIVX posts and include highlights from our Twitter platforms.
-Promoting Maighan Brown as PIVXsports ambassador, as she achieves entering into triathlons throughout Australia, as well as regular weekly engagement with Luke Fullbrook who is recovering from an injury.
-Continue with random moment contests along with planned event contests that coincide with a trending event or a PIVX update.
Moving forward:
I will continue to promote the above efforts. I have found 2 PIVX twitter community global accounts that have been able to be a bit more active and have been promoting PIVX events for us. This has now increased from having PIVX_Espanol, PIVX_Korea, PIVX_Russian, PIVX_Germany, to now include PIVX_Turkey and PIVX_Brazil (which will be able to help soon..) Baby steps we will get there!
Every Sunday we showcase the past week's tweets; news, in a PIVX Recap segment which is slowly gaining recognition. Thanks to Snappy we will also be promoting $PIVX’s 7-day report every Friday.

4. Continue adding PIVians to the Social Media team:
I am very fortunate to have @sigge, @Maria Silva, @mcastro, @Bitplumber, @ElenaCarrillo, and @BelgaRogel’s continued help in promoting our news via their own preferred social media platforms. Funds from this proposal enable them to receive rewards for their excellent and needed help.
- PIVXcommunity funding also allows me to have a community graphic designer, @kevinml_07 help creating the QOTDs that are shown throughout our social media. PIVXcommunity is collaborating with Kevin on graphics for a new series of which will start late November 2020.
Moving forward: I will continue to support our community members that have stepped up and to encourage more to join our Social Team on Discord. Mentoring, supporting and acknowledging these members takes time but is rewarding in itself as friendships have occurred along with learning about other various communities throughout the world.

5. Experiment with new tools and ideas:
-We have been using cloud.PIVX.org on a regular basis which has improved the workflow of getting news out very well. As with all learning curves, this has been slow going but gaining traction more especially among the marketing and social media members.
-When time and man-hours, permits, we will be looking at other social media platforms to see if PIVX would be a good fit there.

Thank you for taking the time to read my proposal, please feel free to make a comment or ask a question! 💜

Voting Details:

To vote YES for this proposal:
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To vote NO for this proposal:
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