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Staking and pivx-cli help needed.


New Pivian
Hi All,

I am starting my journey with staking PIVX and hope you could help me with few questions I did not find answers on forum/documentation/google.

My setup:
Raspberry Pi 3
wallet - pivx 4.2.0 arm 32bit
I am using pivx-cli only

For wallet setup I followed steps from How to use the command line to install or upgrade PIVX and start staking on Linux. and Staking PIVX – Everything You Need to Know

So far so good, I generated new address with 'pivx-cli getnewaddress', transferred tiny amount from exchange and I can see it on PIVX explorer. But I do not see it when I run 'pivx-cli getbalance'.

Is it because amount was to low(~5 PIV) or something is wrong with my wallet or else?
Yesterday I opened wallet for staking and when I run 'pivx-cli getblockchaininfo' it shows me '"verificationprogress": 0.4171707949608474'. Maybe this is the cause?

Also I can't find way to check my wallet address with pivx-cli. If I generate new address with 'pivx-cli' how do I list all addressess? And how do I see which one is currently in use? Does one replace other?

I read it may be more profitable to stake zPIV and to do it one need to convert PIV to zPIV. Is this something I can do with 'pivx-cli'?

Thanks for all help.
Hi @pivx_user welcome to the PIVX forum, zPIV is disabled on the PIVX network, pending a new privacy protocol.
The reason your balance is not showing is likely due to your wallet not being synchronised completely, this can take a few hours. You can check Progress by running ./piv-cli getblockchaininfo and compare your block height to the one shown on https://explorer.PIVX.org
As for addresses you can reuse old ones or generate a new one and check on existing accounts and addresses with the following commands
Hi Jeffrey,

many thanks for help. I got balance displayed once synchronisation completed. Then I was also able to get my wallet address with 'listaddressgroupings' option.
One more question, what are 'stakeablecoins'? I think I know the answer but my balance greatly differs from 'stakeablecoins' amount... what may be the reason?

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Hey @pivx_user
So Stakeablecoins refers to the Mature UTXO's that you have available for staking, So for example If you have a total of 1000 PIVX which you received with 2 transactions of 500 PIV you would then have 2 UTXO's, If both were mature then you would have 2 x stakeable coins
Thanks for help, now it is clear to me and staking works perfectly fine.
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