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Archived Studio Science - Branding, UI/UX, Web Design


Jan '18

Hey everyone, I’d like to give a short intro to Studio Science, a design firm out of Indianapolis I can vouch for which specializes in some areas we could benefit from. Here’s some links to more information and some examples of their work, followed by a description from them about some areas they see where they could add value
Their website:
http://studioscience.com/ 7
Some examples of their work:
Recent websites they’ve done:
OpenView Home | OpenView
OpenView is the expansion stage venture capital firm. Learn more about our unique approach to how we work with our portfolio companies here.

E-Learn Academic Integrity
E-Learn Magazine is an openness initiative started by Blackboard. It helps educators share insights for achieving student and institutional success.

High Alpha
High Alpha | A Venture Studio
We are pioneering a new model for entrepreneurship that unites company building and venture capital.


Doxly - Legal Transaction Management Platform
Doxly brings efficiency, transparency, and order to the legal transaction process. Legal transactions are complex and chaotic. Doxly simplifies them.


Zylo: Software Management Built for the Cloud
Zylo is the leading cloud-based software management platform. Discover, manage, measure, and secure all software subscriptions.

Structural Structural - The Pioneer in Employee Success Management
Structural aggregates organizational data and surfaces it to your mobile device for on-demand access. When leaders and employees are more connected, and their potential is unleashed, they bring more passion to work, solve problems faster, and...

Bluelock Disaster Recovery as a Service & Managed Hosting | Bluelock
Bluelock tames complex IT challenges and delivers confidence in continuity, so you can focus on your business.


Jitterbit | API Transformation Platform for SaaS, On-prem & Cloud Apps
Jitterbit API transformation combines the power of APIs and integration to connect SaaS, on-premise and cloud apps, and infuse innovation into any process.

We would love to talk with folks on the team about what needs they have specifically, but from the outside looking in, I see two areas we could potentially contribute to:
1- Website and messaging - One of the main things we do is partner with companies (mostly tech companies) to not just design and build them a new website, but also to define a brand messaging strategy - the kinds of things they talk about on the website, the right balance of approachability vs. technical language for the audience, etc.
2- Experience design - This could be UI/UX design of one of the PIVX wallets or service design for the experience of using PIVX