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Archived Support-Marketing-Testing Ambassador Q2


Hello PIVians, it's Ambassador from Discord.

After taking into consideration a valuable feedback from my pre-proposal (https://forum.pivx.org/index.php?threads/support-marketing-testing-ambassador-q2.635/), I decided to continue with the proposal submission. I decided to cut down initial requested amount from budget for significant 20%, in order to offer my services to the PIVX community for the benefit of everyone. I'm appreciating every single PIV currently being used from the budget and I want it to be spent in a best possible way. My proposal is clearly targeting direct improvement of the wallet functionality, stability and user experience on mainnet. Furthermore, my goal is to ensure higher visibility of PIVX brand and all its achievements and developments to the masses. Key things are mentioned below. I'm asking all the masternode owners to review them well and determine cost-benefit ratio.

Title: Support Marketing Testing Ambassador Q2
Name: Support-Marketing-Testing Ambassador Q2
Term: 3 cycles
Cycle Amnt: 3600 PIV
Total Amnt: 10800 PIV
Author: Ambassador
Receiver: Ambassador
Address: DDjGkRPdnvTNyAkAJV1UzVg5ykXwwsibZa
Created: 6th April 2020
Status: Active

This is my first direct contact with PIVX governance system. Most of you probably already know me from Discord, but in case you don't please let me introduce myself:
Last couple months I've spent countless hours contributing to the PIVX project in a various ways. From my Github account NoobieDev12, I have opened 9 Pull Requests and 70 Issues at the moment of writing this proposal. I have intensively tested 4.0 wallet during the pre-testing and testing phase, and helped finding bugs prior to mainnet release.

I'm the creator of the latest version of PIVX Step by Step Masternode Guide: https://pivx.org/knowledge-base/masternode-setup-guide/

I'm the creator of beginner friendly tutorial for self-compiling process for PIVX wallet both for Windows:

... and Linux:

What I'm offering in this proposal:
Marketing Assistance and SEO
– supporting the Marketing Team, sharing ideas, helping to build PIVX brand providing marketable data to graphic content creators, do an SEO (link building, off-page SEO) to newly published articles about PIVX development achievements and other updates (general crypto media sites, Steemit posts, Medium articles, ...), helping the PIVX related content reach more laser targeted traffic and helping with rebuilding a PIVX brand. Also, this proposal covers Tips for authors of the articles, both privately and through CoinKit on Twitter.
Building connections with media – making contacts and connections with authors of cryptocurrency news sites and blogs (already collected connections available for internal PIVX Marketing Team). Potential exchange listing discussions/offers or any similar negotiable offers will be immediately redirected to Head of Business Development.
Continuous Wallet Testing – testing every upcoming new wallet version, compiling from master on a daily basis and testing new features, reporting any bugs to Github, making sure that as much bugs as possible get caught and fixed prior to public testing phase, making PIVX look as professional as possible to wide audience.
Supporting self-compiling beginners – helping to train more discouraged individuals to self-compile the wallet from sources, in order to try latest wallet features or help with the testing process.
Discord Support and Management (40+ hours per week in total combined) – following Discord activities, banning obvious bots joining the server all at once, follow Support Area channels, providing as responsive help as possible, or if I don't know the answer, at least preventing scammers on time in attempt to scam through DM those that need support.
Local Social Twitter/Instagram – Creating, managing and actively updating local Croatian PIVX social channels as a Croatian native speaker.
Independent content creation about PIVX development – creating a unique article from time to time and publishing it on Medium/Steemit and similar sites to keep promoting PIVX features like Proof of Stake since 2016, best looking cryptocurrency UI/UX wallet, Cold Staking, DAO and other past and future developments.

Proposal is planned quarterly (3 cycles), and I'm asking for a compensation of 3600 PIV a month for my wide-spectre role in PIVX. Considering the amount of effort and work involved, number of people prevented from getting scammed and their coins being dumped on market, time saved for devs answering basic questions, additional awareness and other benefits for PIVX brand, I think this funding request is fair. I am not asking for reimbursement of the 50 PIV proposal submission fee.

Voting Details

To Vote YES for this proposal:

mnbudgetvote many 84245bd18e7a8c655f6ed3237e54bcf0a5150d8a87c2a45ae5842b7a6673688f yes

To Vote NO for this proposal:

mnbudgetvote many 84245bd18e7a8c655f6ed3237e54bcf0a5150d8a87c2a45ae5842b7a6673688f no

I'm open for any questions, all questions are more than welcome.

Yours faithfully,
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