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Archived Support-Marketing-Testing Ambassador Q3


Title: Support Marketing Testing Ambassador Q3
Name: SMT-Ambassador-Q3
Term: 3 cycles
Cycle Amnt: 3500 PIV
Total Amnt: 10500 PIV
Author: Ambassador
Receiver: Ambassador
Address: D6PYknpvtyWBKwBu39SzrweDr9BsyHgHDg
Created: 8th July 2020
Status: Active

Hello PIVians, it's Ambassador from Discord.

NOTE: This proposal details are edited and expanded with much more details, as the MNOs weren't exactly aware about the details behind this proposal. (25th July 2020)

After my first proposal that passed in March, after a more than a month break, I decided to come out with a new proposal and return intensively to contribute to the PIVX project on a various areas, which PIVX currently lacks of to large extent, which is causing organizational dysfunctionality and inconveniences. Similar to my previous proposal, this one is again a proposal that connects the missing dots in the PIVX organizational activities, while is still mainly targeting a direct improvement of the wallet functionality, stability and user experience through the heavy QA testing process. Furthermore, the goal is to ensure higher visibility of PIVX brand and all its achievements and developments to the masses, which is currently something where PIVX have almost zero activity. Key things are listed below, so please take a closer look into it.

Most of you probably already know me from Discord, but in case you don't please let me introduce myself:
Last couple months I've spent countless hours contributing to the PIVX project in a various ways. From my Github account Ambassador (NoobieDev12), I have opened 11 Pull Requests and 121 Issues at the moment of writing this proposal. I have intensively tested 4.0 wallet during the pre-testing and testing phase, and helped finding bugs prior to the mainnet release. Even with many of the issues being already fixed/closed, 50% of currently opened Issues on PIVX Github are mine (LINK). Numbers speaks themselves.

I'm the creator of the latest version of PIVX Step by Step Masternode Guide: https://pivx.org/knowledge-base/masternode-setup-guide/

I'm the creator of the beginner friendly tutorial for self-compiling process for PIVX wallet both for Windows:

... and Linux:

What I'm offering in this proposal:

Wallet Testing – community isn't much active in wallet testing activities, which is understandable considering that community members have their regular day jobs. Because of that, I'm stepping in to continuously test the new wallet features prior to their implementation on testnet and even testing them on mainnet prior to the official mainnet release version. I'll be reporting any new bugs to Github, making sure that as much bugs as possible get caught and fixed prior to the public testing phase, making PIVX look as professional as possible to the wide audience. This is especially important before the biggest wallet release in PIVX history - the 5.0 wallet - which is the most complex code ever seen in PIVX.
Social Team Lead – PIVX have a major issue where it's being forgotten and keeps dropping in rankings, as people are not aware of what is PIVX working on. It is largely because PIVX keeps pushing their marketing effort to their existing investors base by posting only on its own Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This proposal covers the major expansion of PIVX marketing efforts to Reddit and all crypto related subreddits, while at the same time cooperating with current PIVX Social Media Manager Lead (leacymck) for wider reach of key PIVX Twitter posts. Starting from March and my previous proposal, I was chosen for the exact same role, which I'm intending to continue with this proposal again. This proposal covers the funding needed to reach wide audience and Tips for the proactive Social Team members. This proposal includes AT LEAST 2 MAJOR actions per month.
Marketing Assistance and SEO – after some of the PIVX team members left, there is a gap between the dev team and the marketing team, which I would fulfill until PIVX find its new person for Creative Marketing Manager role.
Besides that, I would support the Marketing Team, provide the marketable data to the graphic content creators and main Social Media Manager and share ideas.
Regarding the SEO part, I would do an SEO to the PIVX related articles published by the media sites, all in order to expand their reach and increase the laser targeted traffic to these articles.
Supporting self-compiling beginners – PIVX community often sees the testing process something too technical and not reachable for an average person. That's why I created a beginner friendly tutorials, which everyone can follow. As an addition to that, I will motivate the community members to join in the testing process and support them to be able to compile the wallets directly from Github and test the latest features that are planned to be implemented on PIVX mainnet.
Independent content creation about PIVX – no one is stepping in for months/years to create the semi-motivational nor little bit higher technical articles about PIVX and its developments and achievements in areas like Proof of Stake, UI/UX, Cold Staking, Privacy and so on. In this proposal I would do AT LEAST 1 wide-audience friendly article per month published on Medium/Steemit about PIVX current state of development and all the previous and the upcoming developments, written on understandable level for an average audience.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I heard that the MNOs are NOT likely to vote for proposals that are considered as "Super Proposals", because they might seem expensive or they just want to separate proposals for each and every activity. This one is NOT a Super Proposal by any means, it is a proposal to maximize the use of the budget and jump in on the areas which are needed the most at any given moment. As an example, if there are not much new Pull Requests opened on Github that needs testing, I'd switch the focus on Content Creation which will be promoted to the millions on channels like Reddit with laser targeted crypto audience. This way, a balance is always in place and funds are being used for the highest possible benefit for the PIVX project.

Proposal is planned quarterly (3 cycles), and I'm asking for a compensation of 3500 PIV a month for my wide-spectre role in PIVX. Considering the amount of effort and work involved as well as the expenses involved, increased wallet security and testing of the Core wallet, improved PIVX image and brand outside of the PIVX community, I think this funding request is very beneficial for the PIVX project overall. I am not asking for reimbursement of the 50 PIV proposal submission fee.

Voting Details

To Vote YES for this proposal:

mnbudgetvote many 78a1dba7a31ba004b64b4b6898e156e6b321adb38c3f0f546ffde56bc0766716 yes

To Vote NO for this proposal:

mnbudgetvote many 78a1dba7a31ba004b64b4b6898e156e6b321adb38c3f0f546ffde56bc0766716 no

I'm open for any questions, all questions are more than welcome.

Yours faithfully,
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Looking through and made some quick notes.

The whole wallet testing and submitting pull requests - If your help is welcomed and they use your code/changes, the Devs have funds available for tips so no need to list it. Understand it is just showing your an active member but it has nothing to do with what the proposal is about.

Guides - great, love them. What others are in the works? I know chekaz wanted a full cli masternode setup guide but not sure if Jeffrey has started this?

Lead social media - I thought that was leacy? What are you planning on doing? What have you already achieved?

Marketing assistant/SEO - again what have you achieved, what are you planning on doing?

Building connections - again very vague. Who are you targeting? What do you expect that to then achieve?

Supporting self compilers - the guides pretty much are dummy proof. A windows guide would be great tho.

Discord management - not really sure what that is as Jeffrey manages the servers? Is this basically you being a ban hammer?

Content writing - Are you planning 2, 3, 4 articles? What will they be?

Would like to see specific tasks of everything you want to achieve then a minimum of monthly reports to see if you hit your targets. This should be same for every single proposal. Can't scrutinise someone's worth if they don't set a task list and then see if they achieved the goals.


I've replied to Borris in detail in DM. To all other MNOs, please do approach me here or on Discord, I'm glad to explain everything in detail, especially the Social Team Lead part.


Staff member
To me: your value to the project is barely reflected in the "current" value of what you are asking.

Thank you for submitting this - and I do hope the MN voters recognize a valued/critical role you play in being someone who knows deeper aspects of the codebase (than say myself, who is often seen as a "face/representative" around PIVX), and deeply understands SEO/marketing impact.


Vote yes 1000 times.