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The Superblock Report Episode 4


Just a few days ago, PIVX Labs was proud to announce the release of MyPIVXWallet 1.0. This version includes many new features, such as PIVX Promos and the new Dashboard Activity. But there are many other improvements implemented in this version that we discussed in the Development News section on previous editions of The Superblock Report. You can find here the official announcement:

Nevertheless, work on MPW is far from finished; as efforts have continued this cycle with the Cold Staking Customisation UI, the Governance system redesign, and Tor masternode support. More on this in the next section.

The Labs team also worked on other side projects, such as the massive improvements implemented for PIVi, the incredibly intelligent Discord AI assistant for PIVX; and VanityGen v0.2, which provides the possibility to batch-generate PIVX Promos.

CONTINUE Reading : https://medium.com/@pivx-labs/the-superblock-report-a237c95d2a71