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Transfer of coins from one exchange to another. (Fork)


New Pivian
I used to make a transfer from one exchange to another (adr D9CsnR8CxMtiytu6DLUa5qvqDry4NJbeMG):
- https://zkbitcoin.com/tx/47db01160646b50bb77476919ece1c09fa423a2c1e231c86383851a59242a78b
- https://zkbitcoin.com/tx/0ec61d2544550d33824327a6a810b7ddf4f1206d6f8c710ba82e8cfa09c2fb6a
The coins were deposited.
Today I made the same translation. The coins were withdrawn https://zkbitcoin.com/tx/49c958378f4c1aa9cfffe044065f2edacd56c47a14b3d4c386f5d5cd4fe5e1bd . The coins were not deposited on the exchange.
I wrote to the technical support of the exchange. They replied:
- To our knowledge a fork was made in PIVX coin network. For this reason, wallet is temporarily suspended. Here you can check the current wallet status of all registered projects - https://graviex.net/wallets/list. Sorry for the inconvenience, but all questions in this regard should be directed to the coin developers in their community. Graviex support team.
Is it possible to return the coins?


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BINANCE and CoinEX Announced they will support the PIVX HARD FORK, I am not sure about which exchanges you use. Besides it is the exchange job now to update the Network to the new one. THAT is all I know.
I hope you fix your issues very soon.
And if the exchange to which the coins were supposed to come (graviex.net ), does not update the wallet, then the coins will be lost?