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Archived TranslationFor2020Q3

Title: TranslationFor2020Q3
Name: TranslationFor2020Q3
Term: 3 cycles
Cycle Amount: 3000
Total Amount: 9000
Author: PM
Receiver: PM
Address: DNviSE4S5j3qLWiqiYGhRVCvc9GJq6xTY4
Created: March 31, 2020
Status: Proposal

Dear PIVX community!

In this proposal, I invite you to vote for PIVX sources translation into various languages as continued work that successfully provided our member @Hanna as she gave me the authority to manage the PIVX translators group.

Short BIO about me:
  • in crypto since mid. 2017
  • am contributing as a translator for PIVX since late 2017
  • am contributing as a designer for PIVX since late 2019
  • have big experience (3 years) in managing teams (and translators as well)
  • know 3 languages (English, Russian, Latvian)
More about my proposal:

We will continue providing outgoing translation support to the global announcement about the latest PIVX achievements.
A goal of the translation team is to reach a foreign audience of the global coin over the world and educate people who want to use PIVX in real life.

Our work will include:
  1. Website (news, blog, press releases, marketing material and other material) translation, publication on the website and further maintenance
  2. Youtube - provide subtitles for PIVX videos
  3. other documents if it is needed
Why it’s important?

As you may know, we live in a multilingual world and PIVX main goal is to give freedom to every person that needs it the most.
With our work we are helping people that don’t know English to understand why PIVX is needed, and how it can help to defend their privacy.


I would like to ask the part of the budget for the next round of translation support.

2000 words text translation into 5-10 languages 2000 PIV
5 min video translation into 5 languages 400 PIV
Project management 600 PIV


3000 words text translation into 5-10 languages 2400 PIV
Project management 600 PIV

3000 PIV (660 USD) per month for the next 3 months for the translation team
I am not asking about proposal fee 50 PIV

9000 PIV In general

I would be glad if you could vote for my proposal as we want to make PIVX as more adopted as possible.

To Vote YES for this proposal:
mnbudgetvote many b30036ec5cee4a146a8884aeaeed098c60d52e149274cc143c06dd4411ff7210 yes

To Vote NO for this proposal:
mnbudgetvote many b30036ec5cee4a146a8884aeaeed098c60d52e149274cc143c06dd4411ff7210  no

If you will have any questions regarding this proposal, will be glad to answer your questions in PIVX Discord (PM#2879)

Kind regards,
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Staff member
Hello everyone, I would like to announce that I need to leave the PIVX translation team. It is our last month when we are working together It is important to me because my team is my heart I will be always supporting them. I enjoyed working with you and leading our Translation Team because we are so similar emotionally and have the same expertise in different areas, I like our similar values to care about people from different countries( who doesn't speak English very well) we have our invisible team spirit which I always tried to develop. I would like to introduce @PIVX Member (PM) who will be taking a lead of the TranslationPIVX team. I have chosen him and trained him for a while. I think we will go to the next level and @PIVX Member (PM) is ready for making his first proposal. Please kindly support him in his new adventures.


Staff member
Hanna, you've done an amazing job and we wish you all the best!
PM, you've got a big challenge ahead of you - to use an English idiom, Hanna has set the bar high!
Looking forward to watching the Translation Team support you as they have supported Hanna.


New Pivian
Thank you for your work in organizing the PIVX Translation and Transcription team, Hanna. I have enjoyed working with you over these past years. You are truly a tremendous asset to the team. Fair winds and following seas. We'll miss you. I am glad to continue to be able to provide English captions for the videos. I see a bright future on the horizon as awareness of the importance of security and adoption of cryptocurrency grow. We're here for the long haul!


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