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Archived Urban Fresh and PIVX mutually benefiting relationship?


Aug '17

What is Urban Fresh: I am co-founder of an app/platform getting ready to launch… we are a Farmer’s Market marketplace connecting vendors and consumers like a craigslist. Think of it as a niche eco-friendly, organic local store connecting neighbors and driving local commerce in a non-supply chain way… at the very lease, we are developing a real time food truck locator with ordering ability (if that interests you more
Current status: We are getting ready for a small test market launch in So-Cal and possibly an international location as well. We are in bug testing mode right now, but plan to be on google play sometime next week. Current form of app is available at http://urbanfresh.org/uf.apk
Vision: We want to be the evolution of food sourcing and marketplace. Basically a new-age grocery store, by looking to past of a decentralized marketplace and utilizing today’s communications to help the mom and pops compete. For decades we have become compliant with going to the grocery store and consuming food products sourced months ago and frozen or preserved because that is the cheapest way. For too long food supply corporations have maximized earnings while cutting production cost. This has come at the expense of quality and safety. We want to inspire everyone as a hobby or business to produce something locally. Lower the carbon footprint by consuming locally. Once you remove transpiration fee, food storage fees, disintermediation, etc. local farmers can price their products very competitively. I like avocados, but I do not want to pay grocery store prices of 4.99 each! Our marketplace will allow your neighbor with 100+ organic avocados to quickly list their product and take orders and schedule pick up times before they start to fall off the tree and rot.
How does PIVX fit in?: I was hoping to get some feed back on this. We are open to all ideas. I own some pivx and was thinking it would be great to accept pivx as a way to pay. Currently we have “pay in person” or pay via “Paypal”, vendors will choose how they can accept payment. This would create real world use for this coin and we plan making this a global project, areas that do not use paypal may find it easier to use pivx.
What do we want?: As any project coming into launch, we need to create awareness, our number one goal is to create user growth. We have no user costs, anyone can list or browse for free. I know pivx is known for their community and I love that, if we could get just some positive PR or twitter blasts from your community, that would be great.
Also, we are interested in further community involvement. I would categorize pivx as more of an eco-system which might be the evolution of the corporation. We are currently a small team, but are looking for programmers or anyone with any skills to bring aboard. We would love to talk to anyone who would be passionate in helping develop the Urban Fresh project.
Thank you for your time and consideration. Again please let us know if you have any thoughts how we can best integrate our two projects. All ideas are welcomed.