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Used dedicated server - Often 10-15% discount.


New Pivian
If someone is looking for a cheap dedicated root server with KVM and unlimited bandwith. The X% discount is permanent.
These are used servers with no setup fee and immediately ready for use. The offer changes constantly, check out more often.
I rented a couple of ¹Supermicro SD-SM-3365 Opteron 3365 myself with KVM remote management. ;-) For PIVX and Tor nodes.

So far I haven't found anything that is cheaper. (With unlimited traffic.) Not a reseller, has its own 3 data centers.
Prepaid payment possible. Servers can be ordered without a long contract term. Unfortunately no direct payment with ²cryptocurrency yet.

¹ Supermicro SD-SM-3365 Bare-metal server blades
² @Jeffrey please delete my post if you don't want it here.
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