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Title: VPS_Expenses_2023
Name: VPS_Expenses_2023
Term: 1 Cycles
Cycle Amnt: 5560 PIV
Total Amnt: 5560 PIV
Author: vampyren
Receiver: vampyren
Address: D9XL2DAAjB4WqD3mfGWJDswnptsyuxTYJS
Created: 2022-10-01
Status: Active
Vote Hash:  57b173e1db4fa89b6e139a3d1a26c85d9bfd0e60e96353f6e07c88575c5a1c1a

Hello everyone,
This proposal is basically to cover costs for our servers (details below) for the period of Jan-july (7months).

Current Status:
I took over the web servers from @Eric_Stanek and since the next period is getting closed i thought i fire the post for next period already now.

Server Specs:
- 3x Dedicated 8 GB - Each server has different numbers of sites and services, balancing the server load and web service priorities, but have the same specifications; 8 GB RAM, 160 GB Disk, and 4 CPUs.
- 1x Linode 2 GB - 2 GB RAM, 50GB Storage, 1 CPU

All prices are in USD.
The 3 higher tier VPS instances are $60 per month, plus $10 per month for backups.
The lower tier VPS instance cost 10$ per month, plus 2,50$ per month for backups.

I am not including the 50 PIV cost for submitting this proposal!
So, we have:
3 x ($60 + $10) + ($10+$2,50) = $210 + $12,5 = $222,5 per month for the 4 VPS instances.

The total is then $222,5 per month for the VPS Web Server infrastructure.
Jan-July = 7 month x 222,5$ = 1 557,5$

The current price for PIVX is $0.28, so that works out to 5560 PIV for re requested period.

I will not be reporting out any further details.


To Vote Yes:

mnbudgetvote many 57b173e1db4fa89b6e139a3d1a26c85d9bfd0e60e96353f6e07c88575c5a1c1a yes

To Vote No:
mnbudgetvote many 57b173e1db4fa89b6e139a3d1a26c85d9bfd0e60e96353f6e07c88575c5a1c1a no
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