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Archived WhiteBit x PIVX Twitter Storm Campaign


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Title: WhiteBitTwitterStorm
Name: WhiteBitTwitterStorm
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amount: 5657 PIVX
Total Amount: 5657 PIVX
Author: Jeffrey
Receiver: Jeffrey
Status: Active
Vote Hash: 73cc34f56a196a566089ebb698642219af2cd56e8ec2eb9ded98432a7dde2e56

Hi All!

More campaigns ;)

A primary goal of mine is to collaborate effectively with our exchanges to form positive relationships as well as to introduce PIVX to their community. This proposal will fund a prize pool to be used for a "Twitter Storm" campaign with the WhiteBit exchange.

How it works:
To participate in the Twitter Storm activity users will need to follow simple steps
  • Follow WhiteBit and PIVX on Twitter
  • Retweet the tweet
  • Comment and tag 3 friends in the comments under this tweet
  • Must be registered on WhiteBit and ALSO hold any amount of PIVX in their WhiteBit account.
  • Complete the Google Form.
  • 20-50 users will be selected to win from a total of a $1000 PIVX pool
  • Activity will last 7 days.
This initiative will proactively attract fresh PIVX followers and holders, while also increasing overall awareness about the PIVX project.

Funding required:
$1000 + $100 volatility / exchange fee buffer (Remaining funds will be announced and can be used towards other proposals that may not meet funding requirements due to volatility at time of payout.
I will also be asking for my 50 PIVX back for submitting this proposal


Total = 5617 PIVX + 50 PIVX = 5667 PIVX

Voting Details:
To Vote YES for this proposal:

mnbudgetvote many 73cc34f56a196a566089ebb698642219af2cd56e8ec2eb9ded98432a7dde2e56 yes
To Vote NO for this proposal:
mnbudgetvote many 73cc34f56a196a566089ebb698642219af2cd56e8ec2eb9ded98432a7dde2e56 no