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Why are my posts left for review and never released?


New Pivian
Hello everyone,

I use PIVx. I deserve respect.

My PIVx rewards after 6 months of staking are gone and I am looking for genuine information on how to proceed. You keep holding up advertising and don't give me a single opinion or waiting period.
What is happening?
Great. This is my post:

Hello everybody.

About 7 months ago, I started assembling PIVx for staking. Three weeks ago, I finally received a 2 PIVx reward. The payoff had already been confirmed and mature, and was shown in my total PIVx balance. Yesterday, my PC crashed and I had to restart the system. When I restarted, the PIVx wallet had the blockchain damaged. I left the night resynchronizing. When I woke up in the morning, my surprise: I only have the PIVx that I had before the staking reward. Now my wallet is completely synced, but my PIVx rewards is gone like it never came in.

1) Is the system insecure at this point? 2) Am I doing something wrong? 3) I was hacked?

I believe I may have resynchronized the portfolio of peers who still don't know I've received those rewards, but I'm not sure in time they will come back. Please give me a light, as if the blockchain is unstable to the point of not registering my reward weeks ago, is possible be not safe bet on PIVx?

My wallet is updated (5.3.3).
Thank you and I await feedback.
Nobody? Can anyone at least tell if they've been through this or am I the exception to the exception?
@rmpx Sorry about that. Are you using a VPN? then its likely the IP address is banned by our anti-spam plugins used here.

As for your problem hacking is definitely not the problem. Please check your address on https://explorer.pivx.link/ and check that the balance here matches your wallet balance

If it does, then its likely before your blockchain resync you were on an incorrect blockchain / fork.