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Dear Pivx,

In 2018 may I made last transfer to Pivx wallet. All the coins minted to zpivs. This year in march I wanted to stake again and I upgraded wallets and I was staking for about a month when synchronization got stuck and I didn't want to reload all blockchain so I left it. Yesterday I reopend and upgraded wallet to v4.3.0 and I don't see my zipivs I don't see privacy tab I don't have any zpivs. There are no outgoing transactions in my wallet and I am missing all my zpivs. I reload all blockchain and I tried backing up wallet but nothing is working. What should I do? Where are my coins and where is privacy tab to remint zpivs?

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@pawelpawel First thing is to get wallet fully synced. Unlock wallet then go to Settings > Debug > Console
Enter the following command in console
searchdzpiv 0 10000 2
Change the number 2 to the amount of cpu cores you have. Let the command run, it might take a while and it looks like it's not doing anything, don't interupt it. When it's done it will show a message in the debug console.

Ok thank you. I did it and got message done. What should I do now nothing changed in the wallet. What is more I don't see in this new version privacy tab to convert it back to pivx.
@pawelpawel Privacy tab is removed in current wallet, you can only access via command line. Try entering the command
Is there anything there?
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Nice, here's the last step, now go back to console and type
spendzerocoin amount ( "address" )
#example below
spendzerocoin 500 "DMJRSsuU9zfyrvxVaAEFQqK4MxZg6vgeS6"
replace the address with one of your own receive address and for the amount, use the zerocoin balance from the getzerocoinbalance command
I am not able to recover my locked zPIV. I starten with PIVX for staking back in 2017-2018 and had to lock around 10% of my total PIVX stack into zPIV.
I did that and also my a copy of my wallet.

I received the message that we need to claim our locked zPIV so I recently synced my wallet. I followed the steps mentioned above.
Unfortunately my wallet did not showed my locked zPIV, but It did showed my PIVX.

I also imported my original .dat file. (back up). What can I do to retrieve my zPIV?
Did you upgrade the wallet. Wallet version should be current. If using old wallet version, you will most likely be forked.
Ok, I just used the "searchdzpiv 0 10000 2" command. After that I received some different transfers: incoming transfers and send transfers. They are all showing me numbers 0, -1, -10 and -50. Afterwards I used the command "getzerocoinbalance" and it still shows a balance of total": 0.00000000,.

It just seems to me I was bleeding zPIV all this time. Do you know what happened or am I doing something wrong?
You might need to wait for @Jeffrey to reply, he's knows better what to do or join Discord and go to support channel which sometimes is more active.