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Draft PIVX Coast 2 Coast Australia (Aug 2019 – Sept 2020


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Title: PIVX Coast 2 Coast Australia (Aug 2019 – Sept 2020)
Term: 1 Cycle
Cycle Amnt: TBA
Total Amnt: TBA
Author: Samfransisco (Australia) and Gordon 1770
Receiver: Samfransisco (Australia)
Address: TBA
Created: 7/7/2019
Status: Pre-Proposed

Ask any developer, entrepreneur or start up ONE question: Show me the Transactions? Any Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Eco system must aim to maximize transactions consistently from P2P and B2B across towns, across countries, around the continents and around the world.

The Question

The question is “Where can I spend my PIVX?” We have the Answer.

The Proposal

Develop a PIVX Coast to Coast - C2C - P2P - B2B Ecosystem across Australia

The process will be to partner PIVX with the TWO leading Crypto adoption solution providers in Australia. The first being Crypto 1770 founder of “Australia’s First Digital Currency Town, Agnes Water – 1770” Queensland and second with “Where to Shop with Crypto” in Fremantle Western Australia.

The process will see the implementation of PIVX onto the TRAVELBYBIT point of sale (POS) across Australia.

Check out the Plan in Real Time Live Action

NOTE: This video is not for public posting. It is a concept only for the PIVX community proposal forum.

The Detail in Brief

Stage 1

Establish a self funding PIVX adoption program across Australia by

  1. The creation of a PIVX Hub in Agnes Water – 1770 Queensland
  2. The creation of a PIVX Hub in Fremantle Western Australia
  3. Integration of PIVX on the TravelbyBIT POS system in the two locations
  4. Implementing a consistent Shop with PIVX strategy in each location
Stage 2

Create PIVX Hubs across Australia working with PIVX Ambassadors to engage existing PIVX Holders - Implement an ADOPT A PIVX SHOP strategy - drive meetups and a PIVX adoption strategy for new users of PIVX.

Stage 3

Implement a “Travel on PIVX” Campaign by integration of PIVX on the TravelbyBIT the world’s leading Crypto Travel booking Website - Click here to BOOK with TravelbyBIT

Time Line

Start Aug 2019 - End Sept 2020

Aug - Sept 2019
Establish PIVX Hubs in Agnes Water Qld and Fremantle WA

Oct 2019 - Feb 2020
Establish Ambassdor driven PIVX Hubs in locations across Australia

Nov 2019
Implement PIVX on the TravelbyBIt Travel

Aug 2019 - Sept 2020
Coordinated marketing and promotions through all PIVX and project partners channels

Funding Model

Create a self-funding eco system by:

Provision of Four PIVX masterndoes to reward partners and fund transaction activities across the network for a period of 12 months
  • Node 1 - 1770 Cyrpto - Agnes Water - 1770 integration, hub management, meetups, education, promotion, and propagation to users
  • Node 2 - Where to Shop with Crypto - Fremantle integration, hub management, meetups, education, promotion, and propagation to users
  • Node 3 - Australian Ambassador Queensland - Coordinating Ambassadors and managing PIVX promotions across Australia
  • Node 4 - TravelbyBIT for integration, liquidity marketing of the project
All masternode rewards sent to new user wallets to propagate adoption and use of PIVX across the network

Marketing and Media Fund for Stix Media and rhubarbmedia.ca

Establish a PIVX Ambassador program for additional PIVX Hubs - on boarding merchants and propagation of new wallet users

Integration Fund for TravelbyBIT Travel Booking Site

The Team

James White - PIVX Ambassador - Queensland Australia

Gordon Christian – 1770 Crypto - Founder of Australia’s First Digital Currency Town - Agnes Water - Queensland Australia

Abheeti – Kathryn Pass - Co Founder Where to Shop with Crypto - Founder Crypto Clotheline podcast -

Sophia Amat - Co Founder Where to Shop with Crypto - Writer for Altcoin Magazine

Stuart Makay - Stix Media - Filmmaker and Cyrpto Enthusiast

Damian Bielinski - TravelbyBit - Compliance and Research Lead

Rhubarbarian - PIVX Ambassador Sherpa and Creative Director at rhubarbmedia.ca

Proposed Media Partners


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New Pivian
Hi fellow Pivians and MN hosts.

Keen for some feed back on the proposal.

We bring together a team with a passion for adoption, education, marketing, collaboration and a track record for success in gaining consistent international coverage and success.

Thank you G


Staff member
Love this! A great plan to paint Australia Purple! Once it takes off, we can pull in New Zealand and other counties near by and spread from there! Great work all!


Overall I like the proposal. Seems expensive though. Also light on details. I think it is OK to say something like 'Ideally we want each recipient to create a Masternode and spend the rewards' but it is hard to provide transparency that way. Need to see a break down on how many PIV is request in total and per cycle. My sense is that it is too much too fast to gain wide support. Would be better to do smaller steps maybe?


Staff member
It is a 12-month project - so I can see this as reasonable time scope and I assume budgets will reflect the work per phase and include lots of skin-in-the-game from those on the ground. @Gordon1770 and @Samfransisco - Leave the budget at the top as TBD - but feel free to add a draft budget in the post - then we all can see the scope along with alongside cost estimates. From the drafts I've seen - for a comprehensive integrated marketing campaign, it's more than reasonable, but for many who have never experienced this level of a campaign it will seem "expensive." It's a delicate dance at this stage of the project - but I think it time to go big! I agree with Eric on more details - but maybe a google doc. As we've seen - many of our ideas get swooped up but the bigger budget projects - so I understand not showing all the cards in public. You have my support - however, I can help!


Ya. The whole 'Provision of Four PIVX masternodes' makes it sound like the funding is at the very least 10K PIV per month for 4 months. I am glad to hear this is stretched out over 12 months, and that there will be phases/milestones along the way. Sounds more promising now.


New Pivian
Just a note on costs - to tap into a network around travelbybit will come at a cost. Much of the work has been built from investment and support by communities including LTC, NEM, Binance, DASH, and even our GOVT. For the communities of 1770, Fremantle, and others forming around TravelbyBIT a lot of work is being done by ambassadors for adoption for little or no pay. The results for us are worth all the effort - Here is the latest that we all have to support each step of our efforts. Media like this costs more than any of us can afford to pay for. https://nuggetsnews.com.au/travelbybit-hooks-major-australian-supermarket-up-with-cryptocurrency-payment-support/