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    Draft PIVX Labs Expansion

    👏👏👏👏👏 Time to ROGANIZE!
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    Archived Doc-Support-Website

    Solid proposal, and much needed! Thank you for taking this on!
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    Archived Development

    I'm excited to see where this could go. I know there has been a LOT of interest through the years around using PIV this way. Proper execution and it could fill a nice niche in that industry and use case for PIVX.
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    Archived Marketing BizDEV Jan-Jun 2021

    Please read all the replies in detail. Including the original posts. They answer your question (and apparent frustration) about not getting the level of detail you want. here, I'll screenshot for you to make it simpler: So, per our disclosure and statement, we cannot share nor list...
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    Archived Marketing BizDEV Jan-Jun 2021

    Ah, you seem to think that because I'm not getting paid for the weekly writeups, and other articles, that those shouldn't be "included" in the report. Well, here is the crux: I'm only doing those weekly writeups, and putting my energy into content FOR PIVX, because the masternode voters have...
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    Archived Marketing BizDEV Jan-Jun 2021

    Somehow the detail was lost (again). Borris, maybe it wasn't clear enough: There is more that occurred beyond just two paid articles that are inside those amounts. Now, you might be shouting "then show me what those are, I need an entire forensic accounting detailed worksheet so I can...
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    Archived Marketing BizDEV Jan-Jun 2021

    Please do read the report in detail, and thoroughly. Perhaps you missed some elements and thus could answer your own question(s). For example - see screenshot. --- I'll just say this: if an amount isn't "broken down" it's for good reason. There are agreements, NDAs, and other elements that...
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    Archived Additional Marketing Fund Jan-Jun 2021

    Please see report here: Also, I don't know what you're talking about with Terrik. Maybe you should clarify and share details there beyond just broad generalizations that tend to minimize all work
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    My PIVX Wallet (MPW) - The most powerful PIVX lightwallet.

    Flipping amazing mate. Thank you and @Liquid369 for pulling this together.
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    Archived Marketing BizDEV Jan-Jun 2021

    BIZ DEV PROPOSAL REPORT Hi All! Here is an updated report on the use/utilization of funds and all activities (some redacted) pertaining to the BizDev/Marketing Fund proposals. We have additionally provided insights into the "biz dev" activities to provide clarity into the volunteer work of...
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    Archived PIVX + ARK.IO Alliance

    Title: AllianceARK21 Name: AllianceARK21 Term: 1 Cycle Amnt: 50 Total Amnt: 50 Author: Snappy Receiver: Snappy Address: D5A6AcuADKEuTAdtu672utU6ZaVf32dLE3 Created: 19th Feb 2021 Status: Proposal Abstract This document outlines a new proposed Alliance between PIVX and ARK. The overall goal is...
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    Archived Web Development and Design 2021-Q1

    wait, if I could vote. but, you know what I mean. you have my support.
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    Archived Additional Marketing Fund Jan-Jun 2021

    That's not how a DAO works. anyone is free to create proposals, anytime. It's up to the voters to then decide. "leaving" funds isn't how the budgetworks. IF nobody claims them, they don't get issued.
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    Archived Additional Marketing Fund Jan-Jun 2021

    Same as the proposal states. There is no PRE-DETERMINED use for these funds. They are a fund of funds. Meaning, nobody gets paid from this pile. it's here to support the efforts ofPIVX in marketing/bizdev/etc. Which is the proposal itself.