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5.0 Creative Direction / Start of Marketing team


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Title: Creative Direction / Graphic Support / Start of Marketing Team

Name: CreativeDirection01

Term: 3

Cycle Amnt: 6,000 PIV

Total Amnt: 18,000 PIV

Author: C504

Receiver: C504

Address: D9iKnLoz1XQkHC4YukN7NBy5UFx36ZcTLt

Created: 08-05-2020

Status: draft


As discussed in the #budget_proposals channel, Rhubarbarian and I are submitting complimentary proposals to tackle creative direction & support along with the start of a joint marketing strategy. Rhubarbarian’s focus will be on immediate graphic and creative support, which would leave room for me to start creating content and updating templates for the brand refresh and 5.0 campaign. At the same time, we will also be working together to create the beginnings of an effective marketing team & strategy.


This proposal is to start working ahead on the creative direction and design for the brand refresh and 5.0 campaign. This includes updating PIVX announcement graphics, educational material, and graphic assets. Graphics will be created to match the new high production value style created for the brand refresh and new upcoming website. Graphics and illustrations are created using detailed 3d modeling and rendered using an advanced render engine for a unique and aesthetically exciting style. This proposal also dedicates time towards the start of a marketing team and strategy in a joint effort with Rhubarbarian.

This proposal includes:

• 2 images/graphic assets per week for a total of 8 graphics per month (approx 5 hours spent per graphic, 10 hours per week, 40 hours total each month)

• An extra 3 hours a week in collaboration with Rhubarbarian and a marketing committee to iron out a marketing strategy for 5.0 campaign (12 hours a month)

Rhubarbarian and I will create a list of regularly used templated graphics (example: masternode update graphic, development updates, etc) to update the graphics to new style or other proactive design ideas to execute each week. Goal will be to create easily updatable templates that can be scheduled every month for effortless content on social media. We will also start planning out a 5.0 release campaign and how to best promote this important milestone.

NOTE: "Releasing" graphics will be dependent on social media leads and website team to deliver the content to the various channels/platforms. We can help with this if needed as time allows.

Experience & Past Work

• Senior designer with over 15 years of experience in all facets of creative direction & design with a specialty in 3d motion graphics, branding and UI/UX.
• History of working with multiple cryptocurrency projects developing in-depth branding strategy and creative direction.

Access and Ownership

1. Any images created will be owned by the PIVX Community.
2. All images created will be organized for easy future reference at Cloud.PIVX.org.
3. Original Photoshop source files will be available to trusted PIVX members only, to protect them from being used for non-PIVX purposes.
4. Each deliverable will be planned and scheduled ahead of time based on priority determined by core team. Each step will need core team feedback and sign-off to proceed.

We believe this solution addresses the current and future needs of PIVX, and starts the creation of a joint marketing effort with a solidified team.

Budget Summary
6,000 PIVX/month
Total 18,000 PIVX (3 months)
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I really like how you defined everything so that there isn't any room for misunderstanding as to what to expect moving forward. Excited about PIVX's future!
I definitely think it's a good idea to devote resources to marketing, especially with the SHIELD mainnet launch approaching. Really appreciate the details!