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Adding PIVX to BoxWallet


New Pivian
Hi all,

I am the creator of BoxWallet, and would like to create some crowdfunding in order to add PIVX.

What is BoxWallet?

BoxWallet is a single binary CLI tool, that gets your coin-of-choice wallet/node set-up fast with just a few commands:

boxwallet "coin" - allows you to choose your coin of choice, which, when selected, downloads the projects core files from their official website and installs them automatically.

boxwallet "start" - starts the coins daemon, to update with the Blockchain.

boxwallet "dash" - displays a dashboard with the coins Blockchain and wallet info.

I believe adding PIVX to BoxWallet, will give PIVX more exposure, as everyone who ever uses BoxWallet, will be exposed to PIVX.

I've added some screenshots of various BoxWallet screens

I'd like to raise a one-off amount of 1000 PIVX.

Thank you for your time

Donation address is:


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