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Alternative basic proposal discussion


1st proposal

English PIVXpress/DYK videos + Latam community advisory

PIVXpress videos recorded by jeffery and team member Mary(Catzi) and edited by Rhubarbarian NOT CONFIRMED

  • 2 pivxpress videos will be created per month on the top 2 topics of the time
  • 2 DYK videos
  • Translation support by PM for English versions and latam 0.035-0.05 per word with addition of subtitles fee.
  • Rhubarb advises latam community marketing

Above videos will need to be specified what they will be and cost per one. not sure how much they cost so the number of videos could change.

Cost involved ????? 4275 this cycle available with new latam commuity videos proposal below

Jeffery ???
Rhubarb ???
PM ???

2nd proposal

Latam community Videos

Continue how they are running with rhubarb overseeing and mentoring how they market but with more reports of what each individual is doing.

Make clear what you will be making, who will be involved in creating each video.


pivxpress latam video is being made about x. This video will be presented by x at a cost of x. content creation/graphics/video editing is done by y at a cost of y etc.

Costs involved spread over 3 cycles

600 PIV for ONeZetty, Spanish PIVXpress in Spanish
600 PIV for ElenaCC, PIVX Community Videos
600 PIV for Brithany, PIVX News Videos
600 PIV for SamGiset, host of the SQP Videos
600 PIV for Niklaus22, Graphic designer
600 PIV for memes777, Social Media mangement of all platforms and the Forum
600 PIV for ONeZetty: Video producer, editing and upload the videos and management of the Spanish team

total amount 4200
per cycle 1400