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Title: ArticlePicksForPIVX

Name: ArticlePicksForPIVX

Term: 6 cycles

Cycle Amount: 500

Total Amount: 3000

Author: PM

Receiver: PM

Address: DGrpJ7ckFNouTxCYhiw4dU2sqG1MixwtkA

Created: June 25, 2020

Status: Proposal

Dear PIVX community!

As I received many positive comments regarding my newly published article ( https://pivx.org/history-of-money-from-barter-to-pivx/), I decided to contribute to PIVX as content creator/author.
Main goals are to focus on new PIVX users and on PIVX adoption.

Why it’s important?

  1. It is important not only provide our community with multilingual content but also educate users and explain technical and other topics related to PIVX in a more easy way.
  2. It will also be a logical beginning for the educating our community in connection with the new updated website, that will be released very soon.
Also I already made a draft list of future topics:
1. Bitcoin. In a simple words
2. Why we need PIVX?
3. Why we need privacy?
4. DAO. In a simple words
5. Staking. In a simple words
6. 3(5) reasons to hold PIVX for staking
7. 5 barriers for crypto adoption
8. 3 reasons to accept PIVX as an alternative payment method
9. 3(5) reasons to contribute to PIVX development
10. 5 ways to contribute to PIVX development
11. 3(5) tips before submiting a proposal for PIVX voting

CALCULATION FOR THIS PROPOSAL (for the next 6 months):

I would like to ask the part of the budget for the next rounds of content creation. In 500 PIV per month will be included:

  • 2-4 blogs per month (depends on: the size of each blog; on the amount of content published by other community members; on PIV price. If the price will be high - blogs number will be increased)
  • payment for proofreader
  • payment for graphic designer (if needed)
Total 500 PIV per month or 3000 PIV in total for 6 months

I am not asking about proposal fee 50 PIV

I am looking for your support on my proposal so that I can work towards driving more adoption for PIVX with my articles, which will cover many sectors PIVX related and cover what is currently happening within the world and how PIVX has it's place. My main aim is to educate other crypto users as well as introduce the fundamentals of PIVX to those that are yet to use cryptocurrency.

To Vote YES for this proposal:

mnbudgetvote many 88bdbe1c28a6a447633f39f6ddbf6717bc0388fd45716b9f7ba297837a40bed9 yes

To Vote NO for this proposal:

mnbudgetvote many 88bdbe1c28a6a447633f39f6ddbf6717bc0388fd45716b9f7ba297837a40bed9 no

If you will have any questions regarding this proposal, will be glad to answer your questions in PIVX Discord (PM#2879)

Kind regards,
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Future plan is to write articles that are more related to PIVX itself.